Quakers in Gloucestershire and Other Possible Ties with New Kent County VA

On March 6, I posted a “speculative genealogy” from Anthony Crump, based on various hints he received from ancestry.com forums etc. and other internet research. Although his summary of his findings is loosely documented, there are some clues to further research.

The first clue is the presence of what appear to be documentable ancestors in New Kent County, Virginia (Saint Peters parish) one of whom may have been born in the County of Gloucestershire, England. (I am descended from persons who lived in Gloucestershire.)

Because I also have ancestors whom I have documented in New Kent County I coded every page mentioning that county so that one can hit the category “New Kent County VA” on the side of the front-page to immediately access every corresponding reference.

One notes immediately that many of the persons who were associated with Saint Peters Parish (near the county line of Hanover County VA) came to be associated with the Quaker churches of Virginia.

A second clue suggests a new line of research Р identifying Thomas Crump as (possibly) from Westbury-on-Severn in Gloucestershire. What is striking about Westbury in Gloucester is that in 1668 at Westbury a Quaker community was established.

Westbury or Forest Monthly Meeting Westbury on Severn Society of Friends Formed: 1668.

I have discussed religious dissent in Gloucestershire (and adjoining counties of Southern England) on these pages. These include the religious dissent of Gloucestershire men surnamed Saunders (my ancestral surname), which is a closely related surname (i.e., with a Most Recent Common Ancestor likely within historical time) to Crump according to DNA studies conducted of myself and Anthony Crump.

One obvious subject for further research is to determine what the relationships might have existed between the Gloucestershire Society of Friends and those of Society of Friends of Virginia.


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