Conversations with Justin Sanders regarding English Connections of Sanders/Saunders Families of Virginia

I have been in communication with Justin Sanders of Phoenix, Arizona, who has successfully identified his direct line of ancestors back through 17th century Virginia and before that to London, England.

We have begun a process of comparing research and of sharing information about genealogical resources as well as sharing our y-DNA test results.  We invite comments from other researchers. (Contact me at WHB

A communication from Justin Sanders (Phoenix, AZ)


I suppose the best place to open a dialogue about research would be with notes I collected on a Thomas Sanders of New Kent (later King & Queen) and his son of the same name. Attached is an essay regarding their records and origins, much of which was carved from Ralph Sanders work, Generations: A Thousand Year Family History.

Like so many of the early Sanders/Saunders persons in Virginia, Thomas came to the colony as an entrepreneur, he in the employ of the Vintners Company of London. Once I documented my earliest known ancestor as James Sanders of New Kent (1675-1717), Thomas Sanders was the first person I looked at in my search for earlier ancestors.

The name and location made him an obvious target. Speculation as to whether or not my line ties this person could be easily ended if Ralph Sanders had DNA results out there, somewhere. To date, I have not been able to locate him.

I am also attaching a note file on Sanders persons transported to the Middle Peninsula and Peninsula during the 17th Century. They are primarily abstracts taken from Cavaliers & Pioneers, Volumes 1 & 2. One I would like to highlight here is one I intended to include in my lengthy email earlier, regarding a possible connection to the son and neighbors of William Sanders who died in Charles City County, in 1660.

18 Feb 1673/4 – Wm. Sanders, Michael Edmonds, Cuthbert Tunstall transported  by Robt. Bagby & Wm. Hernden. New Kent Co., NE side of Mattapony River adj. Thos. Hall, Jno. Pigg, Source: Cavaliers & Pioneers, Vol. 2, p. 143. (PB6:502).

The William Sanders and Cuthbert Tunstall referenced here may be the sons of William Sanders Sr. (d. 1660) and Edward Tunstall, who owned adjoining patents on the Appomattox River circa 1640. It is possible a family connection between William Sanders and the Tunstalls. As you will see in the essay and note files, the northeast side of Mattapony Creek is where the above Thomas Sanders Senior and Junior resided, and an area to where a number of Sanders persons were transported (presumably) in the following decades.


Because of the richness of the data collected by Justin, I will organize it into separate web pages as appropriate, and will create hyperlinks between related pages (and, in specific cases, to my own research.)


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