A speculative ancestral history for Anthony Crump

The following excerpt is from a communication from Anthony Crump, who has developed an extensive genealogy based on sharing information with persons from ancestry.com and perusing such sources as the Victoria County Histories of England.

Although it is a rare occasion when the addition of “one more generation back” opens up an entire millennium of sons descending from fathers, it is not enirely implausible.

Anthony and I are related – rather closely according to the DNA testers, although it does appear to be certain that the Most Recent Common Ancestor was several centuries (or more) back in time.

The French Normans that invaded England in 1066 and thereafter were one of the groups of the past that were absorbed with the keeping track of ancestors. Even as laws and customs promoting primogeniture favored only the eldest male, descent from nobility and especially from kings was highly regarded (although the most coveted designation of being of “royal descent” virtually always descended through illegitimate lines).

Here is an extract from Anthony’s speculative genealogy, to which we will return in the future.


I started [my genealogical research with] me then my father, my grandfather, my g-grandfather, and my gg-grandfather all of which I am certain are my relatives.

Then the journey was guided by documentation of census, land purchases, church records to include marriage, birth, death, etc. DNA tests have concluded that I am from the Crumps from New Kent Virginia.

The first seven generations were from Chesterfield, Virginia then they were from New Kent starting with Thomas Crump who was the eight generation born 1756 in New Kent, Virginia and went six more generations until William Crump who was from Kent, England born 1580.

William Crump was my 12th great grandfather. Then Roger Crump b 1552 Ludlow, Shropshire, England and my 14 great grandfather John Crump from Almer, Dorset, England born 1520. Then all of a sudden my surname changes to James Crompton, Crump, Crumpler, Crompe born 1502 Crompton, Lancashire, England.

The next three generations are all knights, Sir Piers VI De Crompton, Sir Richard II De Crompton and Sir Richard I De Crompton my 18th great grandfather. The family tree goes on until my 25 great grandfather Sir Piers De La Legh De Crompton born 1161.

The next generation does not show the name Crompton, the surname changes to DELALEGH and changes again to DEVENABLES.  Gilbert DEVANABLES was born Venables, Eure, Haute-Normandie, France and died Kinderton, Cheshire, England. 1093


I believe that the first order of business is to spend some time studying the history of New Kent County VA and of the ancestral families who resided there.  I am adding a New Kent County VA category tag to every person mentioned so far in association with that County.

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