John Carter (1470?-1538) Alderton, Gloucestershire, England


JOHN CARTER born in Alderton, Gloucestershire.

JOHN CARTER’s children were John Carter, William Carter (d. 1557) and GYLES CARTER.

Jim Gallman’s notes.

c. 1510

JOHN CARTER became Rector of Alderton Parish Church.  Was Rector for 28 years.

A map of the portion of Gloucestershire showing Alderton, Cheltenham, Charlton Abbot, Tewkesbury and Gloucester

Alderton Church was connected to Winchcombe Abbey.  Probably the properties that the Carter family had in those early times were obtained through the service of JOHN and each generation that served the church.

Jim Gallman’s notes.

JOHN CARTER, Rector of Alderton, acted as receiver for the lord of the manor (of Oxenton), John Scrope in the early 16th century and was said to have pulled down buildings and felled trees of the demesne and to have oppressed the tenants (50).

(50) B.M. Add CH. 18549; cf. VCH Gloucester, vi, 196.




GYLES CARTER, son of JOHN CARTER, rector of Alderton Parish Church and ?, born in Badgeworth.


GYLES CARTER married ELIZABETH.  They had the following children:  JOHN CARTER, Cecill Carter, Gyles Carter, Robert Carter and Elizabeth Carter.


Source:  Jim Gallman



JOHN CARTER, father of GYLES CARTER, died at age 68.



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