Gloucestershire Documents: Medieval Manors and Estates Associated with Carters and Related Families, Part 1


Victoria History of Gloucester, v. 8, p. 223

In 1086 there were 12 servi and ancillae on the 5-hide estate at Oxenton belonging to the Tewkesbury manor, and the demesne was cultivated with 5 teams (40) (40) Dom. Bk.(Rec. Com.) i 163v.

In the early 14th century, the demesne comprised 160 acres of pasture and 20 acres of meadow (41) In 1380 a several was also mentioned (42), probably the 51 acres of pasture on the summit of Oxenton Hill recorded in the 15th century, when the demesne also included 4 other pastures, a wood and a small park (43)

(41) Inq. p.m. Glos. 1301-58, 276. (42) Ibid. 1359-1413, 112. (43) Glos R. O. D. 1637/M16

In the mid-13th century (44) and early 14th the manor was left at farm (45), but during the rest of the 14th century and early 15th it was kept in the lord’s hands and the demesne was managed by his bailiff (46)

(44) Cal Pat. 1247-58, 631.; (45) Cal Close, 1318-23, 456.; (46)  B. M. Add CH. 18542-3

In the mid-14th century the demesne was cultivated by the labor-services of customary tenants – in 1346 77 works were used by the hay-harvest and 224 for the corn-harvest and partly by wage-laborourers, including a ploughman, a pigman and shepherd (47)

(47) Glos. R. O.l D. 1637/MIS

JOHN CARTER, Rector of Alderton, acted as receiver for the lord of the manor (of Oxenton), John Scrope in the early 16th century and was said to have pulled down buildings and felled trees of the demesne and to have oppressed the tenants (50).

(50) B.M. Add CH. 18549; cf. VCH Gloucester, vi, 196.


Gloucestershire Victoria History p. 265: In 1546 William Berners bought land from the crown and sold it a few days later to lessee WILLIAM LAWRENCE, who was succeeded before 1552 by his son Edmund.  By 1589 the estate passed to Richard Lawrence who in 1598 sold it to John Carter.  In 1601 Carter sold it to Robert Rogers of Sandywell in Dowdeswell.





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