Gorman Lee Burnett (1891-1965) Lynchburg, VA; San Diego, CA


Lynchburg, Virginia; 1311 Grace Street; Head JOHN J[EFFERSON] BURNETT, Born June 1864, age 36; Merchant; house rented; wife CLARA B[ELLE], born July 1869, age 31; son GORMAN, born JULY 1891, age 9, can read and write; son Hampton, born August 1895, age 5, cannot read and write; sib Fredrick, born June 1897, age 3, cannot read and write; all born in Virginia; all family members and their parents, born in Virginia.

Head JOHN BURNETT, Born Aug 1833, age 67, single, Stone Mason, no months unemployed; Son Oscar born Oct 1882, Age 18, single, Day Laborer unemployed 12 months; Son Osborn Born Oct 1882, age 18, single, Day Laborer unemployed 12 months; Daughter Evie, born May 1884, age 16, single, at school, attended 8 months; all family members can read and write; all family members and their parents, born in Virignia

Boarder Lewis Burnett, born June 1884, age 16, single, Clerk, no months unemployed, can read and write; himself, parents, born in Virginia.


Old Forest Road, Brookville, District, Campbell County; JOHN J[EFFERSON] BURNETT, Age 43 Married 25? years, Retail Merchant, General Store, Worker on own account, lives in house, owned, free of mortgage; Wife CLARA B[ELLE], Age 39, Married 25? years; 7 children born, 3 still living; Son GORMAN L, age 17, single, not employed; Morris H[ampton], age 14, single, not employed; Son Frederick, age 12, single, not employed; all can read and write.


Draft Registration Card No 208; Registrars Report 45-2-30A

Gorman Lee Burnett; Home Address 1012 Church St, Lynchburg, VA; Occupation: Concrete Contractor; Employed by Burnett Brothers, Lynchburg, VA; Single; No military activities; Eyes Blue; Hair Red.


803 Dearing St; Head GORMAN BURNETT; 27 married, can read and write, Contractor, House?; Wife Pearl Burnett, 28, can read and write, Stenographer, Insurance Company; Stepson Edward Ford, 11.

Source Citation: Year: 1920; Census Place: Lynchburg Ward 1Lynchburg (Independent City)Virginia; Roll: T625_1896; Page: 9A; Enumeration District: 3; Image: 628.



U S Department of Labor Form ___ ; List of United States Citizens (For the Immigration Authorities)

SS Fort Victoria, sailing from Hamilton, Bermuda, August 15, 1922; Arriving at Port of New York, NY; August 17, 1922.

Gorman Burnett; Age 30, born June 29, 1892; Address: 822 Dearing St, Lynchburg, VA


Lynchburg, Virginia, 307[?] Cabell St. – Head GORMAN L BURNETT; Home owned; Value Unknown[?]; Resident; Does not live on farm; Age 37; Age at first marriage [did not state]; Attended school since 1913? No; Able to read and write; Occupation: President, Industry: Wholesale Building Supply; At work day before census; Not a veteran.

Wife Francis; Age 26; Age at first marriage 26; Attended school since 1913? No; Able to read and write: Born in Georgia; Mother and father born in Georgia.


Form 680 US Department of Labor INS Record of US citizens . . . arriving . . . from a foreign port . . .

SS President Polk, sailing from New York, April 21, 1938, arriving at Port of Los Angeles Harbor, May 8, 1938

GORMAN BURNETT Age 45, Single, Born June 29, 1892, Lynchburg, VA; Address Arlington Hotel, Lynchburg, VA.


Letter to Time Magazine, January 12, 1942:

Sirs: For a heinous-looking human being, the record was held until the Dec. 22 [1941] issue of TIME by “The Angel” (wrestler) when Admiral Yamamoto topped him badly on front cover. GORMAN L. BURNETT Lynchburg, Va.

Draft Registration Card for Men  on or after April 28, 1877 and on or before February 16, 1897, Serial Number U 197

Gorman Lee Burnett: Home Address 609 Federal St, Lynchburg; Mailing Address Arlington Hotel, Lynchburg. Telephone 4567. 49 Years Old; Date of Birth: June 29, 1892. Person who will always know your address: Ann H Burnett, 609 Federal St. Lynchburg. Place of employment: Prop(rietor), Arlington Hotel, Lynchburg, VA.


San Diego City Directory

BURNETT, GORMAN (ANN), 4228 Norfolk T[errace]

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