John Jefferson Burnett (1864-1936) Bedford County VA; Lynchburg VA


Birth 17 Jun 1864 in Staunton, Bedford, VA, son of JOHN BURNETT and MARY ANN “POLLY” JOHNSON


Year: 1870; Census Place:  StauntonBedford Virginia; Roll:  M593_1635; Page: 373B; Image:  750; Family History Library Film:  553134.

554/554 JOHN BURNETT, age 38, Occupation Farm Laborer, Value of real estate owned $300, value of personal property, $800, born Virginia; MARY A[NN] BURNETT, age 36, Keeping House, born Virginia; Daughter Rebecca Burnett, age 14, At home; Susan E. Burnett, age 13, At home,  born Virginia; Daughter Susan E. Burnett, age 12, At home; Son James T., age 10; Daughter Mary B., age 8; JOHN J[EFFERSON[ BURNETT, age 6; Laura B. Burnett, age 4; Daughter W. B. Burnett, age 2;Son  Lee Burnett, age 1/12.






Lynchburg, Virginia; 1311 Grace Street; Head JOHN J[EFFERSON] BURNETT, Born June 1864, age 36; Merchant; house rented; wife CLARA B[ELLE], born July 1869, age 31; son GORMAN, born JULY 1891, age 9, can read and write; son Hampton, born August 1895, age 5, cannot read and write; sib Fredrick, born June 1897, age 3, cannot read and write; all born in Virginia; all family members and their parents, born in Virginia.

Head JOHN BURNETT, Born Aug 1833, age 67, single, Stone Mason, no months unemployed; Son Oscar born Oct 1882, Age 18, single, Day Laborer unemployed 12 months; Son Osborn Born Oct 1882, age 18, single, Day Laborer unemployed 12 months; Daughter Evie, born May 1884, age 16, single, at school, attended 8 months; all family members can read and write; all family members and their parents, born in Virignia

Boarder Lewis Burnett, born June 1884, age 16, single, Clerk, no months unemployed, can read and write; himself, parents, born in Virginia.


Old Forest Road, Brookville, District, Campbell County; JOHN J[EFFERSON] BURNETT, Age 43 Married 25? years, Retail Merchant, General Store, Worker on own account, lives in house, owned, free of mortgage; Wife CLARA B[ELLE], Age 39, Married 25? years; 7 children born, 3 still living; Son GORMAN L, age 17, single, not employed; Morris H[ampton], age 14, single, not employed; Son Frederick, age 12, single, not employed; all can read and write.


Source Citation: Year: 1930; Census Place: Lynchburg, Lynchburg (Independent City), Virginia; Roll: 2468; Page: 9B; Enumeration District: 9; Image: 468.0.

Lynchburg, Virginia, 503 Cabell St. – Head JOHN J[EFFERSON] BURNETT; Home owned; Value $8000; Resident; Did not live on farm; Age 65; Age 21 at first marriage; Attended school since 1913? No; Able to read and write; Occupation: Buyer: Industry: Tobacco; Not at work day before census; Not a veteran.

Wife CLARA B[ELLE] BURNETT; Age 60; Age 16 at first marriage; Attended school since 1913? No; Able to read and write; No occupation.

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