Robert Stubblefield (1702-1775), Spotsylvania County, VA


ROBERT STUBBLEFIELD, son of GEORGE STUBBLEFIELD, SR. and ANN NASH born in Gloucester County, Virginia.

25 November: Will of ROBERT NASH [See 1723 Act of General Assembly below], father-in law of GEORGE STUBBLEFIELD, SR., leaves 400 acres in St. Stephen’s Parish, King and Queen County, to his daughter ANN NASH STUBBLEFIELD and the “heirs of her body”, with the stipulation that if neither should survive, the lands would go to his brother John Nash in England.


6 January [date from Jim Hamlin]: Baptism date of brother George Stubblefield, Jr, son of GEORGE STUBBLEFIELD, SR. and ANN, born in Gloucester County, Virginia.


Brother John Stubblefield, son of GEORGE STUBBLEFIELD, SR. and ANN, born in Virginia.


Brother Thomas Stubblefield, son of GEORGE STUBBLEFIELD, SR and ANN, born in Virginia.


p. 62, vol. 1.: Thomas Reade, MR. Escheat land formerly belonging to Edward Maise.  Beginning near Edward Stubblefield’s tobacco ground “from where his dwelling house Chimney funnel bears NE”: distant from sd dwelling house 25 poles to Whilocks’ [Whitlock?] (now Stubblefields) spring & adjoining Wm. Debnam along Chrismans* line.  Deeded to Edw. Maise by James Whitlock & Dorothy his wife dated June 5, 1691 “sayed to be granted to Thomas Russel [willed] to Thomas Reade.”  Richard Johnson late Escheator. Price: 2 pounds of Tobacco per acre.

Gloucester, Book 10, Page 173, June 16, 1714, 47 acres. [*WHB note:  I believe I have miscopied this.  It should be Chisman’s (Cheeseman’s) line.]


Edward Stubblefield, son of GEORGE STUBBLEFIELD, SR and ANN, born in Virginia.


WARE O, Sarah, wife of Peirce Butler. Escheat land, lately owned by Susanna Smith dece’d, beginning at Debnams line adjoining Wm. Strechers Spring Branch & corner of Thomas Reade, crossing Gridiron Branch to Mirtle branch to Main Road near Debnams & Rows corner along road SW to pond and corner of SIMON STUBBLEFIELD dece’d and along Willis line.  Mathew Page, Esqr, Escheator.  Surveyed 1718 by Thomas Cook S. G. C. Price: 2 pounds of Tobacco for every acre. Gloucester County, VA Book 10,  Page 452, Nov 9 1719, 220 acres.


[Quoted in e-mail from Jim Hamlin: 9 May Act of a General Assembly: – “An Act for vesting the fee simple estate of certain entailed lands in Pierce Butler and Paulin Anderson; and for vesting other lands in therein mentioned, in ROBERT STUBBLEFIELD, in fee tail.”

At the same assembly: “It is recited that ROBERT NASH of Abington Parish, Gloucester County by will dated 27 November 1702 devised 400 acres in St. Stephen’s Parish, King and Queen County to his daughter ANN STUBBLEFIELD and the heirs of her body, stipulating upon the failure of same lands should pass to Robert Nash, son of his [the testator’s] brother John Nash in England and ANN STUBBLEFIELD died after her father testator ROBERT NASH having possessed herself of the land and died so seized leavingROBERT STUBBLEFIELD her son and heir and he has conveyed . . “ [JH- Robert was seeking confirmation of title to land so he could pass afee simple title to Butler and Anderson.]


p. 24L From Virginia County Court Records:  Order Book Abstracts of Spotsylvania County, Virginia 1724-1730 (Part III) – 6 March 1727/28 – g August 1729,  Edited and Published by Ruth & Sam Sparacio, The Antient Press 1320 Mayflower Drive, McLean, VA  22101-3402, c. 1990: 4 June 1728 (Old Style), Page 233 “On motion of John Waller he is discharged from being overseer of the road from Mattapany Church to east north east bridge and the said road is devided into two precincts and John Wilkings and Daniell Brown are appointed Overseers in his room, Vizt:  from east north east bridge to John Wallers bridge including the same,  Mr. John Wilkings is appointed overseer & ordered that John Waller, Zachary Lewis, John Wilkings, John Wiglesworth, Dennitt Abney snr: Dennitt Abney junr: John Smith, William Dobbs, Daniell Pruett, mr.:  Robert Baylors Quarter & ROBERT STUBLEFIELD, working Male tithables do help him clear& keep in repair the same –”

From A History of Early Spotsylvania, by James Roger Mansfield, Greene Publishers, Orange, Va., 1977, p. 133: “The establishment of the Mattapony Church on the Ta River caused a flurry of petitions for roads leading to it, especially between the Po and Ta Rivers.  On October 6, 1724, William Russell petitioned for a road leading from Franklyn’s Road ‘to the chapel now abuilding, and from the church to East North East Bridge’.*  These two projects provided a road from the Thornburg area to the new church and from there to a bridge on East North East Creek.  The first portion of this road has been superseded by Virginia Route 606 from Thornburg to Snell, and the latter part by Virginia Route 738 from Snell southward to Duerson’s Store and beyond.  Whether the bridge on East North East was the one on Virginia Route 614 near Lewiston or the one on Virginia Route 622 at Young’s Mill cannot be positively said, but these two bridges were and still are the principal ones on the lower part of that stream.

“John Waller was overseer of this latter road when it was divided into two projects, with John Wilkins as overseer from Waller’s Bridge to the bridge over East North East Creek.  Daniel Brown became overseer of the part from Waller’s Bridge to Mattapony Church.** John Waller lived on his plantation ‘Newport’, on the south side of the Mat River, one-half mile south of Duerson’s Store.  A bridge across the Mat River at this point could well have been Waller’s Bridge.  Whatever the details, it is evident that by 1725 a road with necessary bridges extended from the North Anna River northward to the vicinity of present Snell Post Office.

*Spotsylvania County Order Book, 1724-1730, p. 16, 17

** Spotsylvania County Order Book, 1724-1730, p. 233.

From Virginia County Court Records:  Order Book Abstracts of Spotsylvania County, Virginia 1724-1730 (Part III) – 6 March 1727/28 – g August 1729,  Edited and Published by Ruth & Sam Sparacio, The Antient Press 1320 Mayflower Drive, McLean, VA  22101-3402, c. 1990.

At a Court held for Spotsylvania County June ye fourth Anno Domi, 1728. – On the Petition of Mary Johnson, Widdow, for administration of her husband William Johnson’s Estate (deced) he dieing intestate, is granted her in due form she haveing (upon Oath as the Law enjoyns) & entered into bond with George Carter and John Wiglesworth her securetys & acknowledged the same in Court.  Therefore ordered that ROBERT STUBBLEFIELD, Daniel Brown, Samuell Ham and Thomas Warren or any three of them do some time between this and the next Court (being sworn before some Justice of this County) do appraise all such of the said William Johnson’s estate as shall be produced & shewn to them p the said Administratrix & make report of their proceedings to the next Court.


Son George Stubblefield (B38D-WN)  BORN 1728 Spotsylvania Cnty, Va


At a Court held for Spotsylvania County on Tuesday October the Sixth: 1730. – John Collier, Junr. acknowledged his Deed with Livery & Seizen for Land unto ROBERT STUBBLEFIELD & ANN, the Wife of the said John, Power of Attorney to John Waller Gent. being first proved p the oath of Robert Dudley, the said Waller acknowledged her right of Dower of ye Land unto the said STUBLEFIELD at whose motion the same was admitted to record. -ROBERT STUBLEFIELD acknowledged his Deed for Land unto John Collier Junr. at whose motion the same was admitted to record.

[WHB:  My Spotsyvania County personal research shows John Collier Jr. was from King and Queen County.]


Son John Stubblefield (B38D-XT)  BORN 1730 Spotsylvania Cnty, Va


Spotsylvania County Court 7th of September 1731. -In the action of Debt between Robert Beverley Esqr. Plt. and ROBERT STUBBLEFIELD Defendt., an order is granted against the Defendt & Edwin Hickman late Sheriff, the Security returned being adjudged not sufficient.

-On the petition of Robert Beverley Esqr. Exr. of the Last Will & Testament of Harry Beverley, Gent. deced agst. Allen Frasier for two hundred pounds of sweet scented tobacco due by Bill, Judgement passed for the same with costs and an attorney’s fee; It is therefore ordered that the said Frasier pay the said BEVERLEY the same alias Exo.

-p. 87: Spotsylvania County Court 7th of October 1731. -In the action of Debt between Robert Beveley Esqr. Plt. and ROBERT STUBBLEFIELD Defndt, for two thousand three hundred and eight pounds of good Merchantable tobacco in two hogsheads convenient due by Bill; the Plt. moved for special bail which was by the Court rejected; Afterwards the said Defendt. suffered Judgment to pass against him for the same with costs & an attorneys fee; It is therefore ordered that the said STUBBLEFIELD pay the said Beverley the same alias Exo.



RICHARD STUBBLEFIELD (572H-JN)  born 1732 Spotsylvania Cnty, Va

15 December: On the petition of Simon Stubblefield setting forth that the Petitioner’s brother, John Stubblefield, late of Gloucester County, VA, deceased, being in his life time seized of 1000 acres of land in Spotsylvania County granted to him by patent and having a Right to a Tract of 500 acres of land in the same County by a Certificate granted him by the Honorable Court, the 20th of October last, as lapsed from Thomas Dimmock, by his last will and testament.  800 acres to the two sons of John Stubblefield and 700 acres to the brother Simon Stubblefield. – Executive Journals of the Counil of Virginia, vol. 4 by McIlwane. [Quote from Jim Hamlin.]

[WHB – This may be a key transaction in understanding what was happening to the spreading Stubblefield land dynasty.  Are ROBERT STUBBLEFIELD and/or his brother GEORGE STUBBLEFIELD agents of some kind for his Gloucester County relatives.  Are the two persons referred to their uncles, sons of their grandfather SIMON STUBBLEFIELD and brother of their father GEORGE STUBBLEFIELD.]


From Spotsylvania County General Index of Trust Deeds

May 6, 1734: ROBERT STUBBLEFIELD Grant to Benjamin Matthews, Grantee, 200 acres under the name of Ann Stubblefield, who is the grantor’s wife. This land record was originally published in “Virginia County  Records – Spotsylvania County, 1721-1800, vol 1, edited by William Armstrong Crozier.”:

ROBERT STUBBLEFIELD of Spotsylvania County, St George Parish, to Benjamin   Matthews of county and parish afsd. 4090 tob, 200 acres in Spots County. (first taken up by Nichol. Langford, by him sold to Jno. Collier, Jr. of King and Queen County, and by him conveyed to said. Description grantors’ wife, book C.

p. 329: At a Court held for Spotsylvania County on Tuesday July the 2nd 1734 – ROBERT STUBBLEFIELD acknowledged his Deeds of Lease and Release for Land unto Ralph Williams, & ANN the Wife of said ROBERT (after being privately examined) acknowledged her right of Dower in ye sd land to ye sd Williams at whose motion the same is admitted to record.

-ROBERT STUBBLEFIELD acknowledged his Deeds of Lease and Release for Land unto Benja. Matthews & ANN the Wife of ye sd ROBERT (after being privately examined) ackd. her right of Dower in ye sd Land to ye sd. Matthews at whose motion ye same is admitted to record.

p. 339 – Spotsylvania County Court 3d of September 1734. -On petition of Catharine Rice for to have administration of her Husband, Wm. Rice Deceds Estate, is granted, she having taken ye Oath as ye Law directs & entered into bond with Henry Goodloe Gent. & John Smith her securitys & acknowledged the same in Court.  Ordered that Certificate be granted her for obtaining Letters of Administration in due form and that ROBERT STUBBLEFIELD, George Carter, JOSEPH CARTER & Mark Wheeler or any three of them (being first sworm before a Majestrate of this County) do appraise all such of ye sd deceds Estate as shall be shewn & produced p ye sd Admrx. and make report of their proceedings to ye next Court.

p. 382 – On Petition of John Minor in behalf of himself and severall others for to have a Road cleared from the Ridge Road near John Smith’s Upper Path by or near ye sd Smiths & ROBERT STUBBLEFIELDs Plantations, to ye County Line near Mr. Henry Goodloe’s; Ordered that John Smith & ROBERT STUBBLEFIELD do view & lay of the most convenient way & report of their proceedings to the next Court

FROM LDS ANCESTRAL FILE (DESCENDENCY CHART ROBERT STUBBLEFIELD (572G-M2) Joel Stubblefield (572h-Kt)  Born 1734 Spotsylvania Cnty, Va


From –Forgotten Companion:  The First Settlers of Spotsylvania County and Fredericksburgh Town (with Notes on Early Land Use), by Paula S. Felder, Historic Publications of Fredericksburg, Fredericksburg, VA., July 17, 1981.

“Among the least costly and demanding of the vestry’s civil responsibilities was the task of processioning the lands of property owners every four years.  Presumably, the act of neutral parties walking off land boundaries in the presence of neighboring owners was to prevent claims of trespass.  The evidence which can be found in St. George’s vestry minutes, however, suggests that the practice was mainly an empty exercise required by law.  More often than not, the landowners refused to cooperate or were not at home.  But processioning was continued throughout the century.

“When ordered by the court, the vestry assigned teams of three or more to do the processioning over a period of six months.  The instructions to the processioners appear regularly throughout the vestry minutes. They provide a useful, if approximate, description of the precinct bounds.  There were six in the first processioning — three above and three below the Po River.  In 1735, the land below the Po was rearranged into five precincts.  (There was unquestionably a larger proportion of the county below the Po River for most of the colonial period).

“Unfortunately, very few of the processioners’ reports were copied into the vestry minutes.  For the year 1731, however, four of the six reports were included.  They are informative in showing that the practice was not exactly taken seriously. . . “The worth of the other processioners’ reports for that year depends on the consicentiousness of the teams and the accuracy of their reporting.  The evidence suggests that much is wanting on both counts. The processioners from the southeastern precinct seemed to have covered only a part of their large territory . . .

Felder, Forgotten Companions, p. 52:  Inset:  The Processioners and Their Precincts.:

Precinct 5.  George Woodroof, ROBERT STUBBLEFIELD, and Robert Goodloe. . . . The lands from the county line between Pamunkey (Northanna) River and the River Ta as     high as Douglas Run.

Listing (from five above to five below ROBERT STUBBLEFIELD’s name): Samuel Ham, George Warren, Robert Goodloe, William Rice, Robert Baillor (Thomas Dillard, overseer), ROBERT STUBBLEFIELD, George Carter, Phoebe Hopson, Robert Coalman, (Thomas Hubbard, overseer), Col. John Waller, Zachary Lewis

p.389 -Spotsylvania County Court 7th of May 1735 -On the petition of ROBERT STUBBLEFIELD Plt. agst. Ralph Williams Deft. for Three hundred and fourteen pounds of tobacco wch: the Plt.on oath made out to be due.  Judgment for the same with costs isgranted him.  It is therefore ordered that the sd Williams pay the sd STUBBLEFIELD the same alias Exo.

p. 393 From:  Historic Roads of Virginia, Spontsylvania County Road Orders 1722-1734, by Nathaniel Mason Pawlett, Faculty Research Historian, VIrginia Highway and Transportation Research Council. p.1-2 (Introduction by NM Pawlett) “The establishment and maintenance of public roads was one of the most important functions of the County Court during the colonial period in Virginia.  Each road was opened and maintained by an Overseer of Highways appointed by the Gentlemen Justices yearly.  He was usually assigned all the “labouring Male Titheables” living on or near the road for this purpose.  These individuals then furnished all their own tools, wagons, and teams and were required to labour for six days each year on the roads.

“Major projects, such as bridges over rivers, demanding considerable expenditures were executed  by commissioners appointed by the Court to select the site and to contract with workmen for the construction.

“. . . The years 1722-1734 encompass the period when Spotsylvania was a giant parent county stretching to the middle of the [Shenandoah] Valley.  By the separation of Orange in 1734 it was reduced to its present size.  But for the twelve years from 1722 to 1734 it contained within its bounds the present Piedmont counties of Orange, Culpeper, Madison, Rappahannock and Greene, as well as the Valley counties of Rockingham, Page and Warren.

-Spotsylvania County Court 3d of June 1735. -John Smith & ROBERT STUBBLEFIELD persons appointed to view & lay of the best & most convenient way from the Ridge Road near John Smith’s Upper Path by and near the sd Smiths & ROBERT STUBBLEFIELDs Plantations to ye County Line near Mr. Henry Goodloe’s, made the following return vizt. In persuance of the within Order, wee the subscribers have met and laid of the road and wee find it to be a very good way both level and dry & the nearest way, May ye 29th, 1735, John Smith, ROBERT STUBBLEFIELD.  Ordered that ye sd Road do goe & be as it is layed of by the said Viewers, And that ROBERT STUBBLEFIELD be Overseer thereof & the following male thithables vizt. Benjamin Mathews two, William Tyre, one, John Talbert, one, Daniel Pruit one, William Dobbs, one, ROBERT STUBBLEFIELD three, Mrs. Baylors Quarter seven; John Smith five, Robert Goodloe two & JOSEPH CARTER one, are ordered to serve under sd STUBBLEFIELD to help him clear & keep in good repair the same.



Elizabeth Stubblefield (572H-L1)  BORN 1736/7 SPOTSYLVANIA CNTY, VA. (She was to marry Abraham Womack, born in Halifax County, VA, which is the County in which her older brother George’s children from 1763 through 1778 were born.  Their child, Josiah Womack was born in 1771 in Caswell Cnty, NC.)


-SPOTSYLVANIA COUNTY COURT 2ND OF AUGUST 1737 -In the action of Trespass upon the Case between ROBERT STUBBLEFIELD PLT. and Richard Fowler Deft., who failing to appear, an order agst. the sd Deft. & Ralph Williams his security is granted.

Spotsylvania County Court 2nd of August, 1737 -On Petition of ROBERT STUBBLEFIELD, he is discharged from serving as Overseer of the Road from Pamunkey Main Road to the County Line near Mr. Goodloe’s,  And Thomas Dillard is ordered & appointed to serve in his room & all the tithables which served under the said STUBBLEFIELD are now ordered to serve under the sd Dillard to help him clear & keep in repair the sd road.

Spotsylvania County Court 7th of February 1737/8 -On the Petition of Henry Haines to have a Constable appointed in the lower Precinct of this County between John Word & Anthony Foster constables, it is ordered that ROBERT STUBBLEFIELD be appointed Constable and that his precincts for viewing the several fields of tobacco & c. be from Mattapony Church Bridge & so along the Road that goes by Pamunkey Chapple to the Fredericksville Iron Works and below the said Road between the Rivers Ta and Northanna to the County Line. And ordered that he be sworn before some Majestrate of this County accordingly.



Son Wyatt Stubblefield (572H-M6) born 1744.  Wyatt Stubblefield appears in the 1786 census for Caswell County, NC.  He marries Ann Challis of Prince Edward County, Virginia.  In 1790 Wyatt Stubblefield and Edward Mills show in the Hillsborough District of Caswell County.


Was son Thomas born, father of , grandfather of Calvin?


From History of Prince Edward County, VA, by H. C. Bradshaw, Dietz Press, 1954. Son(?) Joel Stubblefield paid 870 lbs of tobacco for 29 days of guard (from first county levy, November, 1754).


E-mail from Jim Hamlin: “ROBERT STUBBLEFIELD pops up again in a suit (with George Walton) against John and RICHARD STUBBLEFIELD and Abraham Womack (defendants). By 1758, ROBERT is on Hogan’s Creek in Orange County, NC.”


From History of Prince Edward County, VA, by H. C. Bradshaw, Dietz Press, 1954. Son(?) George Stubblefield appointed constable of Prince Edward County Court.

-From The Heritage of Rockingham County North Carolina 1983,  Hunter Publishing Company, Winston-Salem “WILLIAM BETHELL married Nancy Stewart Stubblefield (1750-1826).  She was the daughter of RICHARD STUBBLEFIELD (c. 1732-1802) and his wife, SUSANNAH CARTER.  The father of Richard was ROBERT STUBBLEFIELD.  He seems to have descended from the Virginia Stubblefield family.  SIMON may have been the first Stubblefield.  He was granted 288 acres in Gloucester County, VA, in 1672.  Next, GEORGE moved to 400 acres in King William County, VA.  Probably, he was the father of ROBERT, born about 1702.  ROBERT moved to Amelia County, VA, then to the present Rockingham County where he settled on Hogan’s Creek about 1756.  He asked for permission to build a grist mill on his farm.  He died about 1775, leaving a widow Anne. . .

Robert’s son, RICHARD STUBBLEFIELD, SR., was born about 1730.  He married SUSANNAH CARTER of Prince Edward County, VA.  Richard lived all his life on the Hogan’s Creek farm left to him by his father. RICHARD AND SUSANNAH had nine children.  Nathan married Elizabeth Todd.  Theodorick married Frances Harris in 1779.  Nancy married William Bethell.  Lucy was born in 1759 and married Robert Harris in 1779.  Elizabeth married another Harris.  Richard C. Stubblefield, Jr., was born in 1763 and married Elizabeth Coleman.  CARTER [STUBBLEFIELD] married a daughter of Capt Peter Terry.  Jeremiah married Mary Rains; and the last child was Robert Stubblefield, named for his grandfather.


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