Selected 17th Century Land Transactions South of York and Mattapony and North of Chicahominy Rivers of Virginia

WHB: Justin Sanders selected these land transactions as relevant to a Saunders family history. This post supplements Selected 17th Century Land Transactions between York and Rappahonnock (North of Mattapony) Rivers of Virginia.


18 April 1639 – Richard Sanders, servant of William Bassett & wife

Isabella, trans by same, 150 acres on both sides of Chickahominy River, into woods known by Indians as Pottacocock. Source: Cavaliers & Pioneers, Vol. 1, p. 107. (PB1:641)


12 Oct 1662 – Wm. Sanders transported to New Kent County by Capt. George Lyddall, 3306 acres on both sides of Black Creek,[1] to Wanieoke Creek (or Warrieoke Cr.) 1750 acres of which granted to Joseph Croshaw 8 Nov 1653. Source: Cavaliers & Pioneers, Vol. 1, p. 403. (PB4:324).

[1] Black Creek is a south branch of the Pamunkey River.


25 Sep 1663 – Jno Sanders, trans to Pequimmin River, about 6 or 7 miles up same, point of land near great marsh, running NE to the mouth of a small creeke called Curratick. Source: Cavaliers & Pioneers, Vol. 1, p. 427. (PB4:96).


9 Nov 1665 – Thomas Saunders was transported to New Kent Co., on S. side & in freshes of Yorke River above Mohixen by Wm. Crump, Charles Edmonds & Robert Whitehaire[2], 2700 acres Source: Cavaliers & Pioneers, Vol. 1, p. 538. (PB5:444).[2] Robert Whitehaire & Charles Edmonds also transported Alexander Brice; see 25 April 1667.



19 March 1666 – Wm. Sanders transported to New Kent, South Side of Yorke River adj. Manskin (Cr.?), mouth of Tottopottomoyes Creek by  Moyses Davies, 1450 acres adj. Capt. Anthony Langstone & Robert Anderson. Source: Cavaliers & Pioneers, Vol. 2, p. 6. (PB6:19).

9 June 1666 – Wm. Sanders transported to New Kent, adj. Warrani Swamp and Capt. Barnehouse, by John Glen. Source: Cavaliers & Pioneers Vol. 2, p. 6. (PB6:18).


23 Oct 1669 – Wm. Sanders transported to New Kent, S. Side of the Yorke River adj. Tankes Queens Cr.,[3] Geo. Hill, Ridge Path, by Wm. Blackey. Source: Cavaliers & Pioneers Vol. 2, p. 70. (PB6:278).

[3] There is a Queens Creek in present day Williamsburg; not certain if they are one and the same.


20 April 1682 –  John Lane, 76 acres in New Kent, Co., upon SE side of Mattaponi River, and SSW side of Assatians Swamp. . . . to his seat of land purchased of Thomas Sanders. . . .” Cavaliers & Pioneers, Vol. 2, p. 240. (PB7:173)[4]

[4] Thomas Sanders appears to have had land on Pamunkey Neck. This may be the 43 acre patent obtained by his son, Thomas Sanders for paying for his own transportation to the colony about 1760. Patent is referenced in “Generations” but has not been located in C&P.

20 April 1682 – John Sanders transported to New Kent, St. Stephen’s Parish, adj. Exoll’s Swamp,

Gabriel Hill, John Richards, by Hugh Lawrence. Source: Cavaliers & Pioneers, Vol. 2, p. 229. (PB7:127).

1689 – Vestry Book St Peter’s Parish, New Kent, Processional list of landowners living in parish. James Sanders is listed twice; also Jno. Sands.


21 April 1690 – James Sanders transported to Henrico County, Varina Parish, N. Side of James River nigh Chickahominy Swamp, adj. Lionell Morris & Gilley Grummeron, crossing a bridge of Gilley’s Cr., by Wm. Porter and Daniell Price. Source: Cavaliers & Pioneers, Vol. 2, p. 340. (PB8:131).

23 Oct 1690 – Eliza. Sanders transported to New Kent on S. Side of Tottamottapoy Creek [5]adj. Cornelius Debony and Jno Davies, by Charles Fleming. Source: Cavaliers & Pioneers, Vol. 2, p. 354. (PB8:106).

[5] A south branch of Pamunkey River. Same location Wm. Sanders was transported to in 1666.

23 Oct 1690 – Mr. John Chiles,[6] 345 acres in New Kent Co., Beg. at Mr. Whitehair’s on Crump’s Creek, to a branch of Mathumps Creek, adj. Capt. Bassett. Source: Cavaliers & Pioneers, Vol. 2, pp. 352-353. (PB8:97).

[6] Son of Walter Chiles II?

[WHB – Crump Creek is a physical feature (stream) in Hanover County. Crump Creek is located within the Henry district at latitute 37.7246 and longitude -77.2972. The primary coordinates for Crump Creek places it within the ZIP Code 23069 delivery area.]

28 April 1691 – Mr. John Chiles, 900 acres in New Kent Co., S. Side & in freshes of Yorke River above Mehixon (Creek), part of 2700 acres granted Mr. William Crump, Mr. Charles Edmonds & Mr. Robert Whitehair, & in division dated 3 Nov 1688 fell to sd. Whitehair, escheated by inquisition under Mr. William Leigh, Dpty. Esch’r. Source: Cavaliers & Pioneers, Vol. 2, p. 364. (PB8:163). [7]

[7] Whitehair, Crump & Edmonds received their grant 9 Nov 1665; Thomas Saunders was one of the transported persons listed in connection with this grant. Is John Chiles related to Sanders persons in New Kent?


20 April 1694 – Edwd. Schrimshire & Jno Schrimshire[8] transported to to Nansemond Co., by Henry Hackley. Source: Cavaliers & Pioneers, Vol. 2, p. 389. (PB8:338).

[8] Edward Scrimshire was transported to New Kent, N. Side of Mattapony by Joshua Story in 1691; because James Sanders & Sarah Scrimshire named 2nd son John, Jonathan Scrimshire may be her oldest brother, named after their father.


29 Oct1696 – Wm Winston, 2057 acres in New Kent Co., St. Peter’s Parish, S. Side of Crump’s Creek along land, now or late, of Henry Chiles. Source: Cavaliers & Pioneers, Vol. 3, p. 10. (PB9:59). [9]

[9] Henry Chiles is in possession of part or all of land of John Chiles, suggesting they are father & son.


1702 Militia New Kent Co VA (age 16+?)

John Sanders – brother of James & William?

James Sanders – married Sarah Scrimshire

Thomas Sanders – brother of James & John?

William does not appear on list.


1704 Quit Rent Rolls St Peter’s & St Paul’s Parish New Kent.[12]

[12] St. Paul’s Parish was formed in 1704 in the western part of New Kent; Hanover Co. was formed 1719, conforming to the parish boundaries. Thomas Sanders may have resided there; he is not mention in St. Peter’s Vestry Book.

John Sanders – brother of James & William.

James Sanders – brother of John & William, spouse Sarah Scrimshire.

William Sanders – brother of James & John, spouse Elizabeth Major.

Thomas Sanders – brother of above?


20 Nov 1705 – Henry Nelson of St. Stephen’s Parish, King & Queen Co., sells to William Saunders of King Wm. Co., for 2,000 lb tobo, 170 acres in Pamunkey Neck in King Wm. Co., part of a patent of 2,340 acres by sd. Nelson 23 Oct 1703. Land adjoins Darrell’s swamp, land belonging to Thacker, land of sd. Saunders, land of John Whitehead.[10] Witnesses: J. Wood, Richd Price, John Allcock. Elizabeth, wife of sd. Henry Nelson relinq. Dower rights. Recorded King Wm. Co., 20 Jan 1705/6. Source: Records of King William Co., Book 1, 1702-1707, Virginia State Library, Archives Division, in Virginia Colonial Abstracts,Vol. VII, p. 283, Beverly Fleet.[11]

[10] A John Whitehead was listed together with a Wm. Sanders in 1673, transported to the south side of the Rappahannock River by Cadwallader Jones: C&P2:139.

[11] King William Co., formed 1702 from King & Queen; New Kent before 1691.


16 Dec 1714 – Thomas Sanders, Anne Adams, Frances Price, et al. trans to St. Paul’s Parish of New Kent (Hanover 1719), adj. Taylor’s Creek, Pamunkey River, by George Alves. Source: Cavaliers & Pioneers, Vol. 3, p. 162-3. (PB10:212).


5 Sept 1723 – William Brown, 268 acres (N.L.) Henrico Co., N side of James River, S. side of the main Creek of Tuccahoe, parting said Cox & Robert Adams, to Gilly Grew Marrain’s line. Source: Cavaliers & Pioneers, Vol. 3, p. 25. (PB11:244).


Between Crump’s Creek & Tottomottapoy Creek: (3-4 miles distance).

William Sanders, 1666.

Elizabeth Sanders, 1690.

John Chiles, 1690-1691.

Henry Chiles, 1696.

James New, 1680.

Varina Parish, Henrico, between Gilley’s Creek & Westham Creek (2-3 miles distance).

Jno. Sanders, Geo. Price & Edw. Crump, 1664.

Joan Sanders, Jane Jackson, James Jackson, 1689.[13]

[13] Joan Sanders & Jane Jackson may be daughters of William Sanders (d. 1660 at Merchant’s Hope) & wife Joan; James Jackson may be son of Patrick Jackson who witnessed Saners’ 1660 will.

James Sanders, Daniel Price, Jane Price, 1690.

Robert Adams, bef. 1723.

Four Mile Creek: William Sanders, Edward Sanders, 1688 (15 miles from Gilley’s Creek).













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