Colonel David Saunders, Halifax County, Bedford County (1761-1845)

In a previous post about Julius Saunders of Bedford County, and the fact that he apprenticed three boys born to Priscilla Carter Burnett, the wife of Williamson Burnett. All three of the boys were disinherited and repudiated by Williamson Burnett in his will at Williamson’s death in 1823.

I had noted the intervention of a David Saunders in obtaining an official warning from Bedford County leaders in 1805 to Williamson Burnett regarding his behavior towards is wife Priscilla, followed by another complaint about Williamson’s behavior in 1806.

I had asked the question as to the identity of the person who obtained an official reprimand for Williamson’s behavior towards Priscilla.

Although I do not have evidence at present that the David Saunders for whom selected life milestones follow is the David Saunders who brought Williamson Burnett’s transgressions against his wife, Priscilla Carter Burnett, David Saunders did have magisterial duties in Bedford County.

Although David Saunders is not a brother of Julius Saunders, he appears to be a first cousin. He also has a connection to Priscilla’s family. He is married to a Leftwich, as will be Priscilla’s son, Christopher Ammon.

If this is the David Saunders who reported Williamson to county officials on two separate occasions, it does not necessarily follow that there was a personal relationship between David Saunders and Priscilla.


David Saunders born February 1761 in Hanover County, Virginia, the son of Thomas Saunders (1730-1784) and Elizabeth Rice (1735-1790).


 David Saunders joins the Virginia Militia.

During the revolutionary war, David Saunders lived in Charlotte County, Virginia.


4 September: David Saunders married Lockey Leftwich in Bedford County, Virginia


Daughter Mary Ann Saunders (married Perkins) born, died 1816

Son William Leftwich Saunders born, died 1882


Ann Dandridge Saunders born, died 1862 (married Mitchell)


Malinda Lockey Saunders born, died 1868 (married Bouldin)


Lucinda W. Saunders born, died 1854 (married Callaway)


28 August: Revolutionary War Veterans Pension awarded


29 September: Colonel David Saunders dies (Affiliate 121813148)

Burial: Col. David Saunders Cemetery – (Others in cemetery (from FindAGrave) are Lucinda W. Saunders Callaway 1808-1854; Ann Dandridge Saunders Mitchell 1800-1862; Leftwich Saunders)

18 August?: Widow pension awarded to Lockey Leftwich Saunders

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