Correspondence on the Old Norse Section of Y Haplogroup I1

Last year, having used DNA evidence to solve a 200 year old family mystery, I posted a series of speculative essays on my paternal line, that included The DNA Evidence for Norse Origins of My Paternal Lines.

Several other posts can be accessed through the category “DNA Studies”. Another researcher has brought to my attention the close fit between his DNA markers and those of the Saunders, Crump and Kerley families that I have identified in the past.


June 22, 2014

“Hi. My name is M_____ and I am from Ottawa, Canada.

“Your family and mine share a lot of similarities. My ancestor came from Rouen, France. The Vikings raided, concurred and settled in the North in France (Normandy) starting around year 841 to the middle of the 11th century. They also raided the City of Rouen. It was probably the Norwegian and Danes that settled in France. The Normans were descendants of the Vikings.

“I am confirmed in Haplogroup I and subclade 1. Also only 6 markers are different from yours. They are DYS447=23, DYS456=15, GATA-H4= 11, GATA-A10=13, DYS452=32, and DYS449=27.  My DYS385b=15.

“I also understand that FTMDNA are conducting a study in Norway. When I visited the site, I found many in the study to have HI1 in their results.


A Map of Normandy, with Rouen upriver on the Seine


WHB Note: My Ottawa correspondent and I are in the process of comparing information, which I expect, will lead to further research.

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