Bedford County, VA 1800-1815: Selected Items regarding the Burnetts, Johnsons, Carters and Saunders

Preface: We examine selected records from a decade and a half in Bedford County, VA, beginning 19 years after the end of the Revolutionary War, relevant to my family history:


On 29 March 1800 Rees Hughes of Bedford Co. sold 190 ac in Bedford Co. to Jesse Hughes of Fluvannah Co., the land adj. to Robert Lazenby, Banner Bently, and Samuel Banks (Bk 11, p. 198). In April 1800 he sold 10 ac to Robert Lazenby.  No mention made of Lucy.

[WHB – Although there is, at present, no reason for me to believe that I have any of the Hughes family in my ancestry, including Jane Hughes, the wife of JULIUS SAUNDERS, I am adding a webpage on the interrelationships of the Hughes and Saunders, not only of Bedford and Fluvanna Counties, but New Kent and Hanover Counties as well, which I believe should prove instructive.]


On 9 Sept 18 03 Rees Hughes conveyed to JULIUS SAUNDERS all of his estate, both real and personal, SAUNDERS agreeing to care for Hughes in consideration of his infermity. (Bk 11, p. 823).  On 1 April 1800 Rees Hughes conveyed to JULIUS SAUNDERS title to “one Negro wench named Dinah and her son named John . … of me”. (Bk 12, p. 198).



[WHB Note: In JOHN JOHNSON Sr’s 1816 will, he identifies Judith Ballard as a daughter.]

Note the following:

Josiah Bailey of Campbell County, and Susanna Ballard, daughter of Barclay and Judith Ballard, of Bedford County, were married at Ivy Creek Meeting-house, in Bedford County, 7-15-1804.



JOSEPH BURNETT, son of JULIUS SAUNDERS and PRISCILLA CARTER, wife of Williamson Burnett, born in Bedford County, VA.

The marriage record (1807)


Mary Ann (Polly) Carter, daughter of Patriot JOHN CARTER and FRANCES DEPRIEST (?): Married December  21 1807, JOHN CARTER surety


A note from Fay Foster quoting (dated February 1980) abstracts from Walter Lee Hopkins’ The Turner and Leftwich Families of Virginia:

“My grandfather was born in 1809 and he married Sara Ware Johnson, daughter of JOHN JOHNSON. Both of my grandfathers John Leftwich and John Johnson, lost their lives in the War of 1812.”

John Leftwich’s children: 1) John Leftwich, 2) James Leftwich, 3) Susan Leftwich and 4) Joel Leftwich who married Sarah Ware Johnson.


Census of Bedford County VA, 467 [WHB- It appears that the entries for JOHN JOHNSON SR and JOHN JOHNSON JR are reversed.]

JOHNSON, JOHN, JR 00101-00300-10 [1 male over 45; 1 male 16-26; 3 females 16-26]

JOHNSON, JOHN, SR 00100-10100-00 [1 male 16-26; 1 female under 10, 1 female 16-26]



JOHN JOHNSON, JR dies in War of 1812.


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