17th Century Saunders, Crump and Kerley Immigrants to Virginia

WHB: Because of closely matched y-chromosomal DNA of myself and others descended from men surnamed Crump, Kerley or Saunders, it seems possibly useful to compile information on when and where these surnames might be associated. Since all three are found in Colonial Virginia, I thought a good start would be George Cabell Greer’s list of early Virginia immigrants and their sponsors.

Complete listing of Early Virginia Immigrants, 1623-1666

(from book published 1912 by George Cabell Greer, now copyright-free)

1636 Richard Saunders, sponsored by Bridges Freeman (unknown)

[WHB – in 1636 Bridges Freeman also sponsored Francis Aldridge (unknown), Elizabeth Hart (unknown), David Jones (unknown), Katharine Leonard (unknown), David Menter (unknown), William Nutt (unknown), Henry Scott (James City), Lewis Smith (unknown), Jeremiah Stone (unknown), Mathew Williams (unknown) and William Wilshire (unknown).

In 1635 Bridges Freeman also sponsored Bennett Freeman (James City) and Bridgett Freeman (James City);

In 1637 Bridges Freeman also sponsored Francis Aldridge (James City), John Bridge (James City), John Burden (James City), William Elkton (James City), Robert Flood (James City),  Elizabeth Hart (James City), Elizabeth Hodges (James City), David Jones (James City), Katharine Leonard (James City), David Minton (James City), William Nutt (James City), James Rodgeson (James City), Richard Sanders (unknown), Henry Scott (James City), Jarvis Seawell (James City), Mercy Seawell (James City), Thomas Smith (James City), Jeremy Stone (James City), Mathew Williams (James City) and William Wilshire (James City).

On August 11, 1637, Bridges Freeman was awarded 900 acres on the West side of the Chickahominy River (James City County).

In 1640 Bridges Freeman also sponsored Robert Moseley (James City).]

1636 John Sanders, sponsored by James Vanerit (Elizabeth City)

[WHB – In 1636 James Vanerit also sponsored Rochell Adams (Elizabeth City), George Clark (Elizabeth City), Christian Dawsey (Elizabeth City), Francis Denmark (Elizabeth City), John Holmes (Elizabeth City), John Howard (Elizabeth City), Abraham Iveson (Elizabeth City), William James (Elizabeth City), Henry Jefferys (Elizabeth City), Hugh Lawson (Elizabeth City), Thomas Martin (Elizabeth City), John Newman (Elizabeth City), John Tingy (Elizabeth City), Rowland Vaughn (Elizabeth City), Henry Walker (Elizabeth City), Cleri. Ward (Elizabeth City), William Whitehurst (Elizabeth City), John Wilcox (Elizabeth City), George Woodcock (Elizabeth City).]

1637 Giles Crump, sponsored by William Farrar (Henrico)

[WHB – In 1637, William Farrar also sponsored William Baker (Henrico), Mathew Brovmridge [WHB-sic Brownridge?] (Henrico), Robert Coleman (Henrico), William Dawson (Henrico), Martin Dimrock (Henrico), Elizabeth Foster (Henrico), John Frame (Henrico), John Garner (Henrico), Richard Garner (Henrico), John Gibson (Henrico), Richard Greeke (Henrico), Henry Gyllom (Henrico), John Hares (Henrico), Mary Haynes (Henrico), John Hely (Henrico), Edward Hooke (Henrico), Henry Howell (Henrico), John Howman (Henrico), Edward Howson (Henrico), Richard Johnson (Henrico), Richard Lewd (Henrico), John Peale (Henrico). Christopher Penhorne (Henrico), Francis Posey (Henrico), John Pratt (Henrico), John Price (Henrico), William Richardson (Henrico), James Rigsby (Henrico), James Roberts (Henrico), Patrick Robinson (Henrico), two named John Smith (Henrico), William Thomas (Henrico), Robert Turner (Henrico), Mathew Waraner (Henrico) and Thomas Williams (Henrico).]

1637 John Saunders, sponsored by Jonathan Longworth (New Norfolk)

[WHB – in 1637, Jonathan Longworth also sponsored Daniell Andick (New Norfolk), Evans Garaway (New Norfolk), two named Edward Griffin (New Norfolk), Mary Hatred (New Norfolk), John Kitchen (New Norfolk), two named Jonathan Longworth (New Norfolk), John Sanders (New Norfolk), Edward Tomilinson (New Norfolk) and Thomas Ward (New Norfolk).

1638 Robert Sanders, sponsored by Thomas Symons (Upper Norfolk)

1639 Richard Sanders, sponsored by Samuell Trigg and Raphael Joyner (James City),

[WHB – in 1638, Samuell Trigg and Michael Joyner sponsored Joane Grannt (James City).

In 1639, Samuell Trigg and Raphael Joyner sponsored Dorothy Rute (James City).

in 1639, Samuell Trigg and Michael Joyner sponsored Isabel Bassett (James City), Ellen Trigg (James City), William Trigg (James City).

In 1640, Henry Porter and Raphael Joyner sponsored Joane Grant (James City), Dorothy Rule (James City), Elian Trigg (James City) and Samuel Trigg (James City).]


1642 Richard Kerley, sponsored by Hugh Gwyn (unknown)

[WHB – in 1642, Hugh Gwyn also sponsored John Averry (unknown).]

1653 Thomas Crumpe, sponsored by George Foster (Northampton)

[WHB – in 1652, George Foster also sponsored John Abdale (Northumberland, Edward Coles (Northumberland), Tyomll Holly (Northumberland), Robert Jenkins (Northumberland), William Newman (Northumberland) and Alexander Stoner (Northumberland).]

1653 Cornelius Sanders, sponsored by Capt Robert Abrahal (Gloucester)

[WHB – In 1653, Capt Robert Abrahal also sponsored John Bellings (Gloucester), Robert Bett (Gloucester), Rachell Brigton (____), Nathaniel Chambers (Gloucester), Mathew Cripps (Gloucester), Margery Donibell (Gloucester), John Egglestone (Gloucester), William Lucas (York), James Malton (Gloucester), Nicholas Mellon (Gloucester), John Stevens (_____), John Townsend (York), Elizabeth Walters (____), Nicholas Watson (York), Robert Whitecroft (Gloucester), Joseph Woodrow and (____).

In 1635 [WHB-1653] Capt Robert Abrahal also sponsored John Billens (Gloucester).]

1654 Ann Saunders, sponsored by John Drayton (Westmoreland)

[WHB – in 1654, John Drayton also sponsored John Auston (Westmoreland), James Ball (Westmoreland), William Barker (Westmoreland), Robert Case (Westmoreland), Robert Crouch (Westmoreland), John Draiton (Westmoreland), Dorothy Dutton (Westmoreland), Robert Freith (Westmoreland), Thomas Gilnett (Westmoreland), John Gumsby (Westmoreland), James Hardway (Westmoreland), Henry Hoopes (Westmoreland), John How (Westmoreland), Edward Lane (Westmoreland), John Lathrop (Westmoreland), Robert Levitt (Westmoreland), Hester Lucye (Westmoreland), John Ludson (Westmoreland), Richard Mogeredge (Westmoreland), Jeffrey Monford (Westmoreland), John Oliver (Westmoreland), Christopher Oxford (Westmoreland), William Pue (Westmoreland), ____ Purnell (Westmoreland), Francis Ram (Westmoreland), John Read (Westmoreland), Silvester Remington (Westmoreland), Robert Robinson (Westmoreland), William Scott (Westmoreland), Adrell Shippard (Westmoreland), Neal St Clare (Westmoreland), John Taylor (Westmoreland), John Teague (Westmoreland), Nichols Teague (Westmoreland), Thomas Titus (Westmoreland), Isaac Towney (Westmoreland), John Walton (Westmoreland) and Clement Whidon (Westmoreland).]

1654 Edward Saunders, sponsored by John Watson and John Bagnall (Westmoreland)

[WHB – In 1654, John Watson and John Bagnall also sponsored Joan Armitage (Westmoreland), Richard Armstrong (Westmoreland), Nicholas Barton (Westmoreland), John Blay (Westmoreland), Thomas Booth (Westmoreland), Byron Devorux (Westmoreland), Francis Calvin (Westmoreland), Sy Carpenter (Westmoreland), Jane Colson (Westmoreland), Sarah Cowles (Westmoreland), Judith Dale (Westmoreland), Elizabeth Dany (Westmoreland), ___ Denamere (Westmoreland), Lydia Easterfield (Westmoreland), Brid Easthorp (Westmoreland), Francis Eaton (Westmoreland), William Eaton (Westmoreland), John Elsey (Westmoreland), John Farmer (Westmoreland), John Fisher (Westmoreland), Lewis Five (Westmoreland), Francis Glisson (Westmoreland), Miles Grey (Westmoreland), Thomas Grimstone (Westmoreland), Mary Hainard (Westmoreland), Elizabeth Harmon (Westmoreland), Joseph Harry (Westmoreland), Robert Hawkins (Westmoreland), Elizabeth Hay (Westmoreland), Isabell Heath (Westmoreland), William Hemsley (Westmoreland), John Hill (Westmoreland), Michael Hooton (Westmoreland), Samuel Jackson (Westmoreland), Mary Johnson (Westmoreland), Robert Johnson (Westmoreland), Elizabeth Johnson (Westmoreland), Benjamin Jones (Westmoreland), Mahill Jones (Westmoreland), Richard Keniston (Westmoreland), John Knight (Westmoreland), Thomas Lewindall (Westmoreland), Margaret Manner (Westmoreland), John Mill (Westmoreland), Elizabeth Neale (Westmoreland), Ann North (Westmoreland), Francis North (Westmoreland), Mary Palmer (Westmoreland), Elizabeth Perdy (Westmoreland), Hanna Price (Westmoreland),  ___ Pritchard (Westmoreland(, Sarah Redder (Westmoreland), Elizabeth Reynolds (Westmoreland), William Russell (Westmoreland), Ann Smith (Westmoreland), Nicholas Smith (Westmoreland), two of Joseph Stonard (Westmoreland), Henry Stott (Westmoreland), Richard Tessley (Westmoreland), Abraham Taylor (Westmoreland), Francis Tonery (Westmoreland), John Truman (Westmoreland), Thomas Tucker (Westmoreland), Elizabeth Vincent (Westmoreland), Elizabeth Wade (Westmoreland), Alice Watson (Westmoreland), James Wells (Westmoreland), Edward Whitby (Westmoreland), Mary Wilkenson (Westmoreland), Jane Williams (Westmoreland), Thomas Winn (Westmoreland), Elizabeth Wright (Westmoreland), Robert Wright (Westmoreland) and Elizabeth Yorke (Westmoreland).

In 1655, John Watson also sponsored Ralph Baerer (Lancaster), William Lake (Lancaster) and Gespar Vigeo (Lancaster).]

1654 Edward Saunders, sponsored by Nicholas Merywether (Westmoreland)

[WHB – In 1653, Nicholas Meryweather sponsored James Bowles (Northumberland), John How (Northumberland), Edward Whiting (Northumberland) and Joane Wright (Northumberland)

In 1654, Nicholas Merywether also sponsored George Abotham (Westmoreland), James Bowles (Westmoreland), Arthur Cocket (Westmoreland), Henry Cocket (Westmoreland), James Cocket (Westmoreland), Richard Cowhead (Westmoreland), John Crostick (Westmoreland), Thomas Crowder (Westmoreland), Thomas Duell (Westmoreland), James Forest (Westmoreland), Thomas Hamond (Westmoreland), James Hare (Westmoreland), Elizabeth Hart (Westmoreland), Thomas Hart (Westmoreland), Charles Heiward (Westmoreland), Alexander Hind (Westmoreland), John How (Westmoreland), Charles Howell (Westmoreland), William Hutchinson (Westmoreland), Thomas Hyupp (Westmoreland), Elizabeth Jackson (Westmoreland), James Johnson (Westmoreland), David Jones (Westmoreland), Henry Keely (Westmoreland), Elizabeth Lucham (Westmoreland), Ellynor Mathews (Westmoreland), Agnes Melvice (Westmoreland), Jeffery Moore (Westmoreland), Andrew Muher (Westmoreland), William Rose (Westmoreland), Mountecue Saunderson and brother (Westmoreland), Robert Stone (Westmoreland), Grace Thomas (Westmoreland), Henry Walker (Westmoreland), Thomas Webb (Westmoreland), Richard Wells (Westmoreland), Peter White (Westmoreland), Edward Whiting (Westmoreland), Elizabeth Willes (Westmoreland), Edward Williams (Westmoreland) and Joane Wright (Westmoreland).]

1654 Elizabeth Saunders, sponsored by Robert Bowers (unknown)

1654 William Saunders, sponsored by Robert Bowers (unknown)

[WHB – In 1654, Robert Bowers or Robert Bower (wife) also sponsored Edward Davis (unknown), Francis Harper (unknown), Symon Harper (unknown), John Walker (unknown) and William Washbrow (unknown).]

1654 Mary Saunders, sponsored by Thomas Bell (Northampton)

[WHB – in 165s, Thomas Bell also sponsored Thomas Hickman (Gloucester) and William Watts (Gloucester) and Thomas Wheeley (Gloucester).]

In 1654, Thomas Bell also sponsored Robert Adkins (Northampton), Edward Barnes (Northampton), Thomas Broadway (Northampton), Alexander Coude (Northampton), Elizabeth Hobson (Northampton), John Williams (Northampton).

In 1656, Thomas Bell also sponsored William Watts (Gloucester).]

1655 Thomas Crump, sponsored by Thomas Ballard (Gloucester)

[WHB – In 1655, Thomas Ballard also sponsored James Cook (Gloucester), James Cooper (Gloucester), Francis Crosyer (Gloucester), William Cunigham (Gloucester), Grace Farlow (Gloucester), Grace Fisher (Gloucester), Robert Fisher (Gloucester), Toby Forester (Gloucester), James Glover (Gloucester), Cuthbert Jackson (Gloucester), William Johnson (Gloucester), Elizabeth Masterson (Gloucester), Thomas Pratt (Gloucester), Thomas Prichard (Gloucester), Richard Proby (Gloucester), Ann Simpson (Gloucester), James Smith (Gloucester), William Smith (Gloucester) and Sarah Talbott (Gloucester).]

William Crump and Humphry Vaulx as sponsor:

In 1656, William Crump and Humphyr Vaulx sponsored Thomas Ballister (Charles City), Elizabeth Fletcher (James City), Jeane Gogs (James City), John Hort (James City), John Lyon (James City), Rebecca Molford (James City), Ann Phillips (James City), Thomas Prescon (James City), John Short (James City), John Stevens (James City), John Taylor (James City)

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