James Suddarth (Sr), Stafford, Albermarle Counties, VA 1720-1800


JAMES SUDDARTH, son of WILLIAM SUDDARTH and PARTLOW MILLS, born in Overwharton Parish, Stafford County, VA

Brother Lawrence Suddarth born afterwards


Sister Mary (Mollie) Suddarth born.


Brother William Suddarth born.


Father WILLIAM SUDDARTH, planter, purchases about 300 acres of  land “among little mountains” from Abraham Venable of Louisa County on the south branch of the Hardware River in the Parish of St Ann’s in Goochland County (this area became Albemarle County in 1744 the Parish of St. Ann’s).


The area of Goochland County containing property owned by father WILLIAM SUDDARTH becomes Albemarle County.

JAMES SOUTHARD[?] 200 acres on Verdiman’s Creek, Amherst County


9 December, 1746





After his children were grown and married, WILLIAM SUDDARTH sold 200
acres on Red Bar Hollow in Albemarle County to JAMES SUDDARTH, a carpenter on 8 May, 1750. He reserved 100 acres fo the 300-acre tract for his son Lawrence.

pp. 184-185 “This indenture made the Eighth day of May in the twenty third year of the Reign of our Sovereign Lord George the second and c . and in the year of our Lord Christ One thousand seven hundred & fifty between WILLIAM SUDDARTH of Albemarle County Collony & Dominion of Virginia, Planter, of one part & JAMES SUDDARTH of ye County & Collony aforesaid, Carpenter, of the other part Witnesseth the WILLIAM SUDDARTH for the Quantity of Two hundred acres of land lying & being the RED BEAR HOLLOW to him the said WILLIAM SUDDARTH delivered by the said JAMES SUDDARTH, he the said WILLIAM SUDDARTH hereby hath granted & sold unto JAMES SUDDARTH Two hundred acres of land being on the South Branch of Hardway being part of Three hundred acres granted to WILLIAM SUDDARTH by Abraham Veneble as may be more fully at large appear by the said Venebles patent for said Land, Together with all houses gardens orchards woods ways to the Two hundred acres of land being pg part of Three hundred acres abovenamed whereof One hundred acres & that to be where the house & plantation of WILIAM SUDDARTH hath to be reserved for Laurance Suddarth & his heirs forever Provided Always forever the Timber & Wood of the said Land shall be for the use & behoof of any part of said Three hundred acres & no hindrance on either party forever & also the Reversion rents title of him said WILLIAM SUDDARTH to the same To have and to hold unto JAMES SUDDARTH his heirs and assigns forever In Witness whereof WILLIAM SUDDARTH hath set his hand and Seal in presence of  WM SUDDARTH At a Court held for Albemarle County the Eight day of May 1760. This Indenture was acknowledged by WILLIAM SUDDARTH one of the parties thereto & ordered to be recorded.”


Grandfather JAMES SUDDARTH dies in Overwharton Parish, Stafford County, VA


Albemarle County Deed Book 2

pp. 116-117 “This indenture made this thirteenth day of April in the thirty second year of the Reign of our Sovereign Lord George the second and in the year of our Lord Christ MDCCLIX Between JAMES SUDDETH of the County of Albemarle and Parish of Saint Ann’s of the one part and William Sudeth of the same County and Parrish Witnesseth that JAMES SUDETH for sum of Twenty pounds Currt. money of Virginia to him paid doth sell until William Sudeth his heirs one certain percel of land containing by Estemation one hundred and thirty five acres be the same more or less lying in County of Albemarle on the branhes of Hardware River & bounded Begining at Charles Blakey’s corner white oak spalin in Abraham Venables line running thence on Blakey South & West to his Corner chesnut tree thence on a new line South & East to a red bud tree North & West in pointers in Venables line thence in the line South & West to the first station it being a percil of land that was granted unto the aforesaid JAMES SUDETH by a Patent bearing date the tenth day of March one thousand seven hundred and fifty six . . . James Suddeth

“At a Court held fo Albemarle County the tenth day of May 1759 This Indenture & Receipt were acknowledge by JAMES SUDDETH party thereto and ordered to be recorded. PATIENCE the wife of the said JAMES SUDDETH personally came into Court & being first privately examined as the Law directs voluntarily relinquished her right of Dower to the said Estate conveied by the said Indenture.




9 July 1761

Albemarle County, VA Deeds: Book #3, page 85:  Chas. Tate, Amhurst planter, to JAS. SUDDARTH 20 pds., 109 acres S. Hardware. Wit. Samuel Jordon & WM. SUDDARTH.

WILL OF WILLIAM SUDDARTH, 1761 I WILLIAM SUDDARTH SENR of the County and Parish of Amherst being in Perfect sence and memory do by these Presents make this my Last Will and Testament makeing void all other Wills by me before maid in primas I comit my Soul to the hands of Almighty God that gave it me and for what Estate it hath Pleased God to bestoe on me I give and Bequeath as followeth Itam I give to my Daughters Sarah Denny, Agness Willibey, Charity Tate, Elizabeth Ray one shilling Starling, alsoI give to my three Sons JAMES SUDDARTH, William Suddarth, and Larnes Suddarth Each of them one shilling Starling and the Rest and Residue of my hole Estate I give to my Youngest Daughter Mary Suddarth also I do appoint my Daughter Mary Suddarth whole Executor of this my Last Will and Testament December 25th 1761.
William (his + mark) Suddarth Larnes (his + mark) Suddarth Martha + Suddarth George
“Diocese of Southern Virginia”, Journal 1903, 49-50
AMHERST COUNTY was formed in 1761 from Albemarle County and
“certain islands” in the Fluvanna [James] River.
The Act dividing the Counties of Albemarle and Louisa and the Parish of St.
Anne was dated March 1761.
Amherst Parish in said Act is described as follows:
That from and after the first day of May next the said parish (St. Anne)
shall be divided into two distinct parishes, in the following manner, that is
to say, by Rockfish river to the mouth of Green creek, thence a straight line
by the house of Thomas Bell to the Blue mountain, and that all that part of
said parish that lies above the said river and line shall be one distinct
parish, and shall be called and “known by the name of Amherst”: and that all
other part of said parish that lies below the said river and line shall be
one distinct parish and “retain the nane of St. Anne”.

{In 1761 the border between Albemarle and Amherst Counties would seem to be
the Rockfish River, which I think is now the border between Nelson and

In October 1778 the parish of Amherst was divided by a line running from
Fluvanna [James] River up Piney River to the mountains; the part on the lower
side to be known as Amherst Parish and on the upper side, Lexington Parish.
That the parish of Amherst shall be divided into two distinct parishes, in
the following manner, that is to say:
By a line to be run from Meggenson’s Warehouse, on the Fluvanna river, to
Rose’s Mill on Piney river, thence up the fork thereof above Lucas Powell’s
plantation, and hence up the north fork to the Blue Ridge, and all that part
of said parish which lies on the lower side of the said line shall be one
distinct parish and “retain the name of Amherst”, and all that part of said
parish which lies on the upper side of the said line shall be one other
distinct parish and be “know by the name of Lexington”.

{Two years later}
In October 1780, the dividing line between Amherst and Lexington parishes
was relcated to make a more equitable division.
Be it therefore enacted, That instead of the dividing line mentioned in
said Act, the said parishes shall be divided by the following lines, to-wit:
Beginning on the Fluvana [James] river at the mouth of Elk Island Creek,
with said creek to Hilton’s mill, from thence a direct line to Tye river at
the mouth of Camp Creek; thence up Tye river to mouth of Piney river, thence
up Piney river to Rose’s mill; thence continued up Piney river to the fork
thereof above Lucas Powell’s plantation and thence up the north fork to the
Blue Ridge.
The collector of the parish of Lexington shall have the power to collect
and distrain for any dues which shall remain unpaid by the inhabitants of
that part of the said parish of Lexington hereby made a part of the sais
parish of Amherst.

The following recommendation from the committee on admission of new parishes
was approved.
3. From Amherst County a petition to be divided from Lexington Parish, of
which it now forms a part, and to be formed into a separate parish, taking
the name of Amherst Parish with the following boundaries, to-wit:
Those boundaries known as belonging to Pedlar township, and all that part of
Elton township that lies to the west of the Virginia Midland railroad; or in
other words, the northern boundary of the Elon section of the paarish will be
the Lynchburg road from Ware’s Gap across to Cool Well; the eastren boundary
the Virginia Midland railroad; the southern boundary the James river, and the
western boundary the Tobacco Row mountains to Ware’s Gap.(his + mark) Taylor Theophilus Faver


5 April 1762

Amherst County, VA, Will Book 1, p. 4

Father WILLIAM SUDDARTH SR’S Will names sons JAMES, William Jr. and Lawrence, daughters Sarah (Denny), Agnes Willibey, Charity Tate, Elizabeth Ray, and Mary Sudarth. Mary Sudarth named the administrator.


Deed Abstracts of Albemarle County, VA Deed Book No. 4 9 August 1764-12 August 1768

p. 493-495. “This indenture made this fourteenth day of April in the Eighth year of the Reign of our Sovereign Lord George the Third between Laurence Suddarth and Martha his Wife of County of Amhers of one part and James Suddarth of the County of Albemarle of other part Witness that for sum of forty five pounds Good and Lawfull money of Virginia paid to said Lawrence Sudarth and Martha his Wife they sold to said JAMES SUDDARTH his heirs forever One hundred acres of land being part of Three hundred acres granted by Deed to WiILLIAM SUDDARTH SENR on the South Branch of Hardway by Abraham Venable as may appear to the said Venables Patent for land it being the old Plantation where the said WILLIAM SUDDARTH Deceased lived.” In presence of Absalom McKinzie, Milley Suddarth, At Albemarle April Court 1761.


19 September 1781

In DAR #515236 Mrs. Blanch Weatherred Crawford Patriot rendered material
aid Miscellaneous revolution Bxo 5 Pay Roll of Capt. J. Harris his
militia company from Albemarle, at Williamsburg, 19 Sep 1781 − 48 day service states JAMES SUDDARTH born 1720 in England married 1745.

[WHB – JAMES SUDDARTH was born in Stafford County, VA and was married in 1746. The birthyear is correct and it seems plausible that in the mustering out process at the end of the Revolutionary War, his birthplace and wedding dates could have been unintentionally garbled; or, since JAMES was 61 in 1781, it may have been someone else.]


First Personal Property Tax List for Albemarle County, VA:

District 5 (also includes JOHN RANDOLPH: 1 free white female, 1 slave, 2 horses. Taxed 14 shillings.

JAMES SUDDERTH: 1 free white female; 8 slaves; 32 cattles; ten horses. Taxed 5 pounds 18 shillings



9 December



Witness : H. Martin Minister: Benj Burger


Brother William Suddarth dies in Burke County, NC


Albemarle County, VA: Tax/census lists Laurence Suddarth with one son
aged 16 to 21; John Suddarth (tax paid by Laurence Suddarth), and a



Will Book 4, page 52, Albemarle Co., VA

In the name of God Amen: I, JAMES SUDDARTH Senr. of Albemarle County Virginia being in a low state of bodily health but of perfect mind and memory do make this my last will and testament and first of all I do recommend my body to the Earth to be buried in a decent manner at the discretion of my executors in hope of a glorious resurrection and my Soul to God who gave it and as to my worldly estate I dispose of it in the following manner Viz:  First I give and bequeath to my beloved wife Patience Suddarth peaceable possession of the house and plantation whereon I now live, during her natural life, as also of my Negroes Moses, Taylor, Mary and Lidda to return, together with their increase to my children, at her death.  It is further my will that at the division of my estate that she shall take as much of my stock and household furniture as she shall judge necessary for her support.

Secondly it is my will and desire that the land on which I now live and have had in possession of a long time together with the land purchased of Capt. P. Cock be equally divided between my two sons William and James Suddarth and in case that the land purchased of Capt. John Lewis (or Sims) about which there is a dispute at present should be made good to them it is my desire that that also should be equally divided between them, but in case Capt. Lewis (or Sims) or his executors should fail to make a lawful title to said land it is my desire that the money already paid toward the purchase of said land, which of course must be refunded, shall be equally divided as also the balance of the money that was to be paid toward said purchase.

Thirdly it is my desire that after the allotment of my lands to my two sons, as has been mentioned above, that then an equal division of my remaining property, negroes, stock, and household furniture take place amongst my children counting in what of my property has already been given away to my children.

In consideration of this my last will and testament I have hereunto set my hand and affixed my seal this seventeenth day of January in the year of our Lord 1796.

JAMES SUDDARTH Senr.  his X mark


William Irwin

William P. Patterson

Mary X Martin

P.S. I do hereby approve my two sons William and JAMES SUDDARTH in conjunction with Mr. Tandy Key and M. L. Murrill Executors of this my last will and testament.


P.S. It is also my desire that as to the property already given to my children at a distance they may not be put to the necessity of bringing it to the spot for the sake of appraisement after my decease for this reason viz:  that it would be nearly as much expense as such property would be worth to remove it back and forward to such a distance.  It is also my desire that they may not be required to account for the profits arising from such property since the time of its being given.  That this is an additional clause to my last will and testament I signify by affixing my hand and seal this twenty fifth day of December 1799.

James Suddarth his X mark


William Irwin

N. B. Circumstances have been somewhat altered since the writing of my will as above except I think proper to make the following alteration viz:  I give and bequeath to my wife Patience Suddarth as above except save the mill that my son James has since built and the water and water course to support it, and the distillery that he has erected, together with the house in which he now lives, together with a barn that he has in contemplation to build which he has already paid for.

It is also my will that my lands as specified above, be equally divided between my two sons according to the lines which they have agreed on that is to say, Beginnning at the Ivy Ridge on Joseph Sutherland’s line and coming up the old road as far as it runs in a straight direction thence to the Psimmon Mountain to the upper corner of my fence adjoining Skylar Harris line.

That these are the amendments according as circumstances have altered since the time in which I wrote the above is witnessed by affixing my hand and seal as above this eleventh day of March Anno. Dom. 1800.



William Irwin

Mary X Martin



At a court held for Albemarle County the 1st day of September 1800 this last will and testament of James Suddarth Senr. was brought into Court and proved by the oath of William Patterson and Mary Martin two of the witnesses thereto and by the court ordered to be recorded and on motion of William and James Suddarth two of the executors therein named certificate is granted them for obtaining a probate in due form of security and qualified accordingly.


John Nicholas C.A.C.


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