Notes on Sudderth (Suddarth) family from Rev Woods’ “Albemarle County in Virginia” (published 1901)

The following quotations are from Rev. Edgar Woods’ Albemarle County in Virginia, C. J. Carrier Company, Bridgewater, Virginia, 1901. According to the title page “Giving some account of what it was by nature, of what is was made by man, and of some of the men who made it.”

From page 321


“William and JAMES SUDDARTH were early settlers in the county. They were undoubtedly brothers. They and their descendants were located on the south fork of Hardware, between the Cross Roads and Covesville. Previous to 1750, William bought from Abraham Venable three hundred acres of a tract of fifteen hundred which Venable had patented in 1735 in that vicinity. In the year first named, William eschanged two hundred acres with JAMES, for the same quantity which JAMES had purchased from the same tract. William seems to have died before 1768, as at that time Lawrence Suddarth, apparently his son and representative, conveyed to JAMES the other hundred acres of William’s purchase from Venable. Lawrence was a resident of Amherst, but subsequently settled in Albemarle, on Green Creek. his wife’s name was Martha, and he died in 1815.

JAMES died in 1800, and left at least three children, William, JAMES and Mildred, the wife of John Turner. These brothers lived near where the present Lynchburg Road crosses the south fork of Hardware, a mill known as Suddarth’s Mill having conspicuously marked that locality for many years.

In 1830 William was assessed with more than thirteen hundred acres of land. He died in 1832. It is said that his wife was Martha Sumter, and his children were William H., Jame, Sarah, the wife of Robert Porterfield, Martha, the wife of Richard Littleford, Richard P., who married Morris, and whose daughter Sarah was the wife of Henry Darrow, Nancy, the wife of George Paris, Elizabeth the wife of John W. Dettor, and Mildred, the wife of William Page.

His brother JAMES married JANE, the daughter of JOHN RANDOLPH. He died about 1850, and his chldren were James, Randolph, William T., Mary, the wife of David Hicks, PATIENCE, the wife of RICE OAKS, Thomas, John and Benjamin.

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