John Johnson c. 1702-? (New Kent, Hanover Counties, VA)


JOHN JOHNSON, son of JOHN JOHNSON of Hanover County and ELIZABETH ELYSON [ELLISON], dau. of GERERD ROBT. ELYSON of New Kent County, married on 6 day., 8 mo., 1725.

From Rhoda Moorman Coffin, Her Reminiscenses, Addresses, Papers and Ancestry, p. 17.

John III, son of John and Lucinda [Blake] Johnson, married ELIZABETH ELLISON, 8th month 6, 1725. The marriage took place at the New Kent “particular meeting”, and is recorded in the records of Henrico Monthly Meeting, of which the Ellisons are now members.

[WHB – To date, I have not found any evidence to support Rhoda Coffin’s hypothesis that JOHN JOHNSON who married ELIZABETH ELLYSON was the son of John and Lucinda Blake.]

Marriage Certificate of JOHN JOHNSON and ELIZABETH ELEYSON.

Whereas, JOHN JOHNSON, son of JOHN JOHNSON of Hanover County and ELIZABETH ELLYSON daughter of GERED ROBT ELLYSON of Newkent County have proposed their intentions of Marage before two severall meetings of the peopell caled Quakers who after dew Enquire of their Clearness and it appearing to them that theay weare Cleare from all others on acct. of Mariage and that ye Relations of ye Sd. JOHN & ELIZABETH were consenting to their Mariage Did give Consent that the Sd parties should accomplish their Intentions.

Wee therefore whose names are Under writen doe Certifie all whome it may Concern that the sd JOHN JOHNSON and ELIZABETH ELLYSON did at a publick Meeting held of ye sd peopell in ye Meeting House in New Kente County 2/3 Sixt Day of ye Eight month one thousand Seven Hundred and tweenth and ‘five

Then and their take Each Other for Wife and husband He the Sd JOHN taking; her the sd ELIZABETH by the hand and declaring: that before this Meeting I take ELIZABETH ELLYSON for my weded wife as long as we shall both live and she the sd ELIZABETH then and their Likewise Declaring: that before this meeting I take JOHN JOHNSON for my weeded husband as long as wee shall Live and for Confirmation thereof the sd JOHN JOHNSON and the sd ELIZABETH doth seet their hands.


And wee whose names are under are witnesses:

GERD. ROBT ELLYSON  Danll Willmoee  John Crew  John Elmore  Thos Elmore John Crew Jur  Robert Ellyson  Elizabeth Johnson  Benj Johnson  Mary Elmore Andrew Crew  Agathy Crew  John Scott Jur  Judeth Ellyson  Thomas Stanley  Judeth Scott  Agniss Ellyson  Ciscelly Willmore

Taken from the original records of the Monthly meetings held at Henrico, VA, 1699-1756

FN 22  The Ellisons were conspicuous figures and devoted laborers in the work of St Peter’s parish from the earliest history of the colony. They appear to have grasped the spiritual teachings of the Quakers early in the century. General Ellison owned a number of slaves whose names are on the parish records, 1721 and later.

JOHN JOHNSON now styles himself of Hanover County, which was close on the border of Henrico, and was erected in 1720.

These early Virginia settlers were migratory, and made many changes in their localities of living. The Meetings also were moved from place to place.

lit is possible that one reason for these changes was the painful experience and unrest into which many were brought because — as was officially stated — ” We Can not for Concience sake pay the Priests dews & other Church demands.”*

John Johnson appears to have suffered on religious grounds by distress for tythes, having stood against the tything system and been forced by the high Sheriff to yield.


John IV, son of John and Elizabeth [Ellyson] Johnson, was born 1732.


He married 7th m.o. 13, 1754, Lydia Watkins, daughter of Benjamin and Priscilla Watkins of Goochland County. The Watkins were probably members of Genito meeting.

Concerning their marriage, and later, their place of residence, the records of Cedar Creek Monthly Meeting show the following:

” At a Monthly Meeting at our usall place in Caroline the 8th 6th mo 1754, John Johnson & Ledy Watkins Published their entention of Marringe it being the first time. Charles Johnson & Garrat Ellison are oppointed to Enquire the Clearness of John Johnson & make report to next Meetg.

At a Monthly Meeting held at Cader Creek the 13th7 mo 1754 Those Friends Oppolnted to Enquire into the Clearness of Jo”. Johnson & Ledy Watkins Gives Clear Account. John Johnson and Ledy Watkins Published their Entention of Marriage the Second time and are Left to their liberty to consumate their Marriage According to the ^ood Rules Used amongst us.”

The Watkins Family, like the Ellison’s, are found contemporary with the Johnsons on the very early parish records of St. Peter’s in New Kent county, and belonged to the first established Quaker meetings of Virginia. Henry Watkins Sen. subscribed 500 pounds of tobacco in 1699, and Henry Jr. fifteen
pounds, to build a meeting house. Lewis Watkins and Margaret Stone were married in St. Peter’s, Jan. ye 6, 1712, and had a family.


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