Joseph Carter (1704-1751), Middlesex and Spotsylvania Counties, VA



WILLIAM CARTER [William Carter (1660-1711) Middlesex County, Virginia] and MARY GOODLOE had six children:

3-1 George Carter (born 1692) – listed as a grandson in the will of Mary’s father [George Goodloe (1637-1710), Middlesex County, Virginia]

3-2 Philip Carter (born 1694)

3-3 Ann Carter (born 1701), presumably named for her aunt.


“Parish Register of Christ Church, Middlesex Co, VA from 1653-1812, Births” – the children of WILLIAM CARTER and second wife MARY GOODLOE:JOSEPH baptised Apr 30, 1704″


“Parish Register of Christ Church, Middlesex Co, VA from 1653-1812, Births” – the children of WILLIAM CARTER and second wife MARY GOODLOE: Robert baptised Jun 30, 1706″


“Parish Register of Christ Church, Middlesex Co, VA from 1653-1812, Births” – the children of WILLIAM CARTER and second wife MARY GOODLOEMary baptised June 20, 1708″


1711, Feb. 5 – MIDDLESEX COUNTY DEED BOOK 3, 1709-1720…p. 286, KNOW ALL MEN by these presents that wee MARY CARTER, Henry Goodloe & Jacob Presson of Middx County are bound unto John Smith Genty first in Commission of the peace for the County in sum of three hundred pounds Sterl. this 5th day of February 1711. The Condition of this obligation is such that MARY CARTER Executrix of a WILLIAM CARTER deced who obtained a Probate of the last Will and Testament of the said Wm. Carter deced shall at all times fullfill thesaid Will and performe all the Law enjoyns in such cases that then the above obligation to be void otherwise to remain. (her) In the presence of us Jno. Curtis, MARY CARTER, Wil. Stanard (mark), Henry Goodloe, Jacob Presson.

[WHB: At WILLIAM CARTER’s death, my ancestor JOSEPH CARTER was seven, with a five-year old brother Robert and three year old sister Mary. Also from the 20 years of WILLIAM CARTER’s marriage to MARY GOODLOE, there is also a 19 year old brother George and 18 year old brother Philip.

There has been dispute among family historians as to whether the JOSEPH CARTER born 1704 and married to CATHERINE AMMON in 1731 in Christ Church Parish is the same as JOSEPH CARTER whose sons and daughters were born in Spotsylvania County, VA and who died in Spotsylvania.

Miller’s 1922 book about the Carters of Lancaster County, VA that suggests that JOSEPH CARTER belongs with a different line appears to be the informational sources for the main dissenting voices. (See the letter from Margaret Baldock to WHB below). It is my intention to examine and augment the evidence that concludes that indeed the JOSEPH CARTERs of Middlesex and Spotsylvania Counties are the same.

I would ask four questions at this point. 1) Are there connections between the Middlesex GOODLOE relatives of JOSEPH CARTER and Spotsylvania County? 2) Are there connections between CATHERINE AMMON, her brother Christopher Ammon, and Spotsylvania County? 3) Does it matter if the persons being so considered are Anglican, Quaker or Baptist? 4) What motivates a person to move from Tidewater Virginia to Virginia’s Spotsylvania or Brunswick Counties?

It is my plan to discuss these four questions, and, perhaps, add new ones, on the following page: The Carters, Goodloes and Ammons in Middlesex and Spotsylvania Counties, VA 1710-1750.]


JOSEPH CARTER married CATHERINE AMMON  1 Dec. 1731 in Middlesex Co., VA.

Note: Data provided by Mrs Nancy S. Goodloe (Las Cruces, NM), Mrs Thelma L. Harper; Albuquerque; Mrs Lily Carter Thurman, Houston; Mrs Pattie M. Norris, Indianola, MS, helped identify descendents of Mary Goodloe Carter as of 1978.


Note: Elby F. Bowman, Shell Knob, MO, authored (1978)  The Ancestors of Joseph Carter of Buckingham County VA and Bath and Morgan Counties KY wrote “Joseph Carter and Catherine Ammon left Middlesex County VA shortly after their marriage as no further entries pertaining to them or their issue appear in the Christ Church Parish records. We next find them in Spotsylvania County VA per the following entries – –

3 June 1735 Robert Goodloe of St George’s Parish Spotsylvania County sells 190 acres to JOSEPH CARTER; also JOSEPH CARTER of St George’s Parish makes his will 19 Feb 1750 — probated 7 May 1751.


Crozier, William Armstrong, Spotsylvania County Records,  Southern Book Company Baltimore, 1955.
Will Book B 1749-1759 page 10

CARTER, JOSEPH, St. George’s Parish, d. Feb. 19, 1750, p. May 7, 1751. Wit. Robert Huddlestone, Wm. Pruitt, James Younger, Robert Durrett. Ex. wife, CATHERINE CARTER; Mr. John Minor and my son, John Carter. Leg. wife, Catharine; son, John, tract of land bought of Benj. Matthews; daughter Mary Carter; daughter, Elizabeth Carter; son, George Carter, son, Robert Carter, the land where I now live after his mother’s decease; daughter, Caty Carter.


Excerpt of a Letter (dated June 6, 1989) from Margaret Baldock (Clovis NM) to WHB:

Dear William,

I have I think figured out the lineage back to 1660-ish as you can see by the enclosed family group sheets. I have not proven all as yet so I definitey don’t say that this is all for sure.

I feel pretty good about the WILLIAM AND MARY (GOODLOE) CARTER line and the reason for that is that we have a very good history of the Goodloe famly that was done in 1982 by Dr Paul Goodloe. He has established the Carter line for us as beginning with WILLIAM AND MARY CARTER. My mother’s maiden name is Goodloe.

JOSEPH CARTER md. CATHERINE AMMON  1 Dec. 1731 in Middlesex Co., VA.

WILLIAM CARTER’s will names sons Thomas, William, George and Phillip. He does not name any girls and not all his boys. In the Christ Church Parish Middlesex Co. birth records we find not only the boys named [in his will] but also JOSEPH baptised 30 April 1704, Ann, Robert, Mary and Elizabeth. However not all the children are named in the parish records either.

In 1741 John Carter made his will naming nephew (?) Sarah Rice, Brother (in-law) Robert Daniel, brother JOSEPH CARTER, brother (in-law) Mark Wheeler, sister Elizabeth Daniel and wife Mary Carter. Now, this Mark Wheeler is very important later on.

There is no further record of JOSEPH CARTER and CATHERINE AMMON in Middlesex Co., but there shows up in Spotsylvania Co. a JOSEPH AND CATHERINE CARTER. JOSEPH CARTER makes his will naming his wife CATHERINE, son JOSEPH, John, George, Robert and daughter Elizabeth. He also mentions that his son JOSEPH and his heirs to have the Tract of land he bought of Mark Wheeler. Christ church records –  “, son of Mark and Sarah Wheeler baptized 3 Apr. 1720. There was no record of a marriage though.

3 Jan. 1749 – Mark Wheeler and Sarah his wife of Spotsylvania Co. to JOSEPH CARTER of same county 38 lbs 100 acres conveyed to said Wheeler by Henry Goodloe Gent., deceased as by deed, 3 June 1735. Wit. Robt. Durrett, James Younger, Maes Ham and Patric Kennedy.

Some other people that help make the connection of the Goodloes and the Carters are Robert Durrett. He married Elizabeth who was the daughter of Henry Goodloe, who was the brother of MARY GOODLOE who married WILLIAM CARTER.

JOSEPH CARTER appointed Mr John Minor as a witness and he was a brother to Diana Minor who married George Goodloe. Goerge was the son of Henry who was the brother of MARY GOODLOE CARTER.

The reason I’m giving you this information is that there was another Joseph Carter family living in Spotsylvania at this time and apparently had similar family names. It’s possible that they were cousins even. Dr Joseph L. Miller in his Descendents of Capt. Thomas Carter of ‘Barford’, Lancaster Co., Virginia published in 1922 attributes all the information in Spotsylvania Co. to Joseph from Lancaster Co. Some people will really argue that his reasoning is correct and I can show a great number of flaws.

Now I know that my Ammon Carter, b. ca. 1765 father’s name was Joseph because he shows up on the tax list right beside his father. I have no idea what his mother’s name was. In the back of my mind I keep thinking maybe it was Priscilla because I can’t find where that name came from, or as a matter of fact, where the name Nancy came from. Then there was the female child that we have no name for. Polly (Mary) could have come from her Great-Grandmother MARY GOODLOE CARTER.

I think that where we need to put our heads together is to try to prove or disprove what I have. You may have more or even a different idea that I do. You may have them going in a different direction, but as I told you before I like to have as much definite proof as I can get before I take it as ‘truth”. I’m too much of a skeptic for that. I also won’t take somthing just because someone says it’s so. . .




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