John Johnson, Jr (?-1812/3) Bedford County, VA


December 21,, 1807 – Bedford County Marriage Bonds: JOHN JOHNSON, JR to MARY ANN (POLLY) CARTER. Surety is JOHN CARTER


Census of Bedford County VA, 467 [WHB- It appears that the entries for JOHN JOHNSON SR and JOHN JOHNSON JR are reversed.]

JOHNSON, JOHN, JR 00101-00300-10 [1 male over 45; 1 male 16-26; 3 females 16-26]

JOHNSON, JOHN, SR 00100-10100-00 [1 male 16-26; 1 female under 10, 1 female 16-26]


A note from Fay Foster quoting (dated February 1980) abstracts from Walter Lee Hopkins’ The Turner and Leftwich Families of Virginia:

“My grandfather was born in 1809 and he married Sara Ware Johnson, daughter of JOHN JOHNSON. Both of my grandfathers John Leftwich and John Johnson, lost their lives in the War of 1812.”

[Note from WHB: The quote above was from the late Fay Foster’s letter. Subsequently, Keith Harris provided me with the exact quote and its contest:

But on page 157 of Hopkin’s book, here’s how it’s worded:

(4) John Leftwich (Uriah, Sr., Augustine, Sr., Thomas, Sr., Ralph), married Pofly (Mary) Dickerson, daughter of Suckey Board, September 25, 1805, in Bedford County, Va. William Henry Leftwich, his grandson, of Bedford, Va., now eighty-eight years of age, writes, “My father (Joel) was born in 1809, and he married Sarah Ware Johnson, daughter of John Johnson. Both of my grandfathers, John Leftwich and John Johnson, lost their lives in the War of 1812.” ]

John Leftwich’s children: 1) John Leftwich, 2) James Leftwich, 3) Susan Leftwich and 4) Joel Leftwich who married Sarah Ware Johnson.


Survey of the __nds the State of JOHN JOHNSON Junr, Dec’d, Exclusive of Widow’s Dower, Viz beginning at Ayers Corner & White oaks & Corner of the Widows Dower then on Ayres line N 41 W 180 poles to ____ Bird’s Corner then to Birds line N 56 W 64 poles to hit Dicksons Corner & Chestnut there on Dickesons lines by W 61 poles to a W o & c thence N42 ___ 50 poles to pointers thence S77W 112 poles to pointers thence corner of S 36 W 96 poles to Cundiffs Corner past oak on his line S 18 W 108 __ to a W O closing? his Corner and Joining Brons line to a W O & C thence S 52 E 67 poles pointers over of the Widows Dower then on the Dower lines N 32 E 97 poles to a Red oak thence N34 E 14 1/2 poles to a Red oak then East 97 1/2 poles to the first S tion Containing 349 1/2 Acres devided among the Legitees as followerh.

Lot #1 (49 acres) John Cundiff; Lot #2 (50.5 acres) Martin Johnson; Lot #3 (50.5 acres) David Johnson’s legatees; Lot #4 (50 3/4 acres) Jeremiah Ferguson; Lot #5 (49 1/4 acres) JOHN JOHNSON’S legatees; Lot #6 (49 acres) Polly Johnson; and #7 Nancy Johnson.


At a court held for Bedford County the 26th day of May 1834. This allotment of dower to MARY MILES, late MARY JOHNSON, widow of JOHN JOHNSON, dec’d, was produced in Court and ordered to recorded.  Teste, R. C. MitBook A PAGE 358V?Exec’d?


Note: Reference to deed book (Bedford County, VA) 1836: The following persons had to sign a deed  – Martin Johnson, Lucy (Johnson) Kenneth and husband Joseph S. Kenneth, Sally Johnson, and ELIZABETH and husband JOSEPH BURNETT. [WHB- Iff Sally Johnson were Sarah Ware, this would help confirm the JOHN JOHNSON, ELIZABETH JOHNSON’S father, was the Johnson who died in the War of 1812. Both Uriah Leftwich Jr. (Sara Ware Johnson’s uncle by marriage) and John Leftwich (Sarah Johnson’s would-be father-in-law) also died in 1812. Source: Fay Foster (Bedford County) letter of 9-30-1979.


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