Joseph Holderby (1803-1875), Rockingham County, NC



Richmond Enquirer, Richmond, VA (Semi-weekly): Friday, June 15, 1827: “Married – on Thursday, May 31, by Rev. William S. Plumer, JOSEPH HOLDERBY, JR, Junior Editor of the Telegraph of Danville to Miss MARTHA W STUBBLEFIELD, daughter of CARTER STUBBLEFIELD of Rockingham County. (online catalog LIBRARY OF VIRGINIA System # 00182864)


Son Anderson M. Holderby born in Rockingham County, NC.


Father-in-law CARTER STUBBLEFIELD dies.


Son Marcus C. Holderby born in Rockingham County, NC.


Son Richard A. Holderby born in Rockingham County, NC.

1833 or 1834

Daugher Sarah A. Holderby born in Rockingham County, NC. [Married William Lindsey. See 1858.]

    • Lindsay, Sarah A. Holderby   (b. 19 Oct 1833 – d. 29 Oct 1893)
        • Wife of William Lindsay



Son James P. Holderby born in Rockingham County, NC.


Daughters Mary Louise and Laura Holderby born in Rockingham County, NC.


Daughter Frances Roberta Holderby born in Rockingham County, NC.


Daughter Lucy A. Holderby born in Rockingham County, NC.


Son William J. Holderby born in Rockingham County, NC.


1850 census, Rockingham County

JOSEPH HOLDERBY; age 46, merchant, $2500, born Virginia; MARTHA STUBBLEFIELD, age 42, born North Carolina; A(ndrew) M., age 22, male, tobacconists, born North Carolina; M(arcus) C, age 20, male, clerk; born North Carolina; R(ichard) A., age 17, male, clerk, born VIrginia; S(arah A) , age 16, female, born North Carolina, attended school; J P, age 14, male, born North Carolina, M(ary) L, age 11, female, born North Carolina;, F(rances) R. W., age 9, female; S L(ucy) A, age 5, female; William J, age 3, male; Thomas Slader, 20 , teacher, born North Carolina; SARAH STUBBLEFIELD, age 67, female.

Son ROBERT D. HOLDERBY born in Rockingham County, NC [See .]


Daughter Fanny B. Holderby born in Rockingham County, NC.


JOSEPH HOLDERBY of Rockingham County sat in North Carolina House of Commons 1855-1866.


On Nov. 26, 1858, William Lindsey of Pittsylvania County, Va., was high bidder for a 384-acre (1.55 km2) tract of land known as Reidsville. He and his bride, Sarah Holderby, a daughter of Joseph Holderby of the northern part of the county, moved into the frame house Reuben Reid had built across from his store. It is now a landmark in Reidsville, the first frame house built in the village.

From Bulletins and Other State Intelligence for the Year, 1868

June 18, 1858 The Queen [VICTORIA] is pleased to accept JOSEPH B HOLDERBY as the Consul at Dundee for the United States of America.


Census Southern District of Rockingham County, North Carolina

554/554 JOSEPH HOLDERBY, age 56, Place of Birth, North Carolina; MARTHA W HOLDERBY, age 52, born North Carolina; Mary L Holderby, age 20, Frances R Holderby, age 18; Lucy A Holderby, age 14, William J Holderby, age 12, ROBERT D HOLDERBY, age 9; Nannie B Holderby age 5 (all family members listed as born, North Carolina); W C Holderby, age 30, occupation Salesman; Sarah G Holderby, age 27; James A Holderby, age 5; Sally age 4; Joseph M Holderby, age 3; William M Holderby, age 1.


Excerpts from Lucy M. Rankin’s Information about Reidsville at

“Reidsville, a town of approximately 14,000 inhabitants located in the southern part of Rockingham County [North Carolina], derived its name from the family of Reuben Reid. Reid, who was then living in the Hogan’s Creek area, purchased a farm on the ridge between Wolf Island and Little Roublesome creeks and in May, 1814 moved there with his wife Elizabeth Settle Reid, and their young son, David Settle Reid.

“Soon Reid opened a store across the road from his small log residence and also began operation an ordinary, a public inn kept in a private home. In 1829 a post office, called Reidsville, was established at this location and David Settle Reid, then sixteen years old, was appointed postmaster. Reidsville still points with pride to David S. Reid’s later accomplishments as U. S. Congressman, Sentaor and Governor of North Carolina, the state’s first Democratic governor.

“Though the Reid establishment became a stop on the stage line, established in the early 1830s between Danville and Salisbury, little growth took place there until after the Civil War. Just prior to the War there were only a few families and a single store.

“This changed with the completion of the Piedmont Railroad in 1864. The railroad was part of the Confederate supply line, and Reidsville became the principal station between Danville and Greensboro. As early as 1863, JOSEPH HOLDERBY had surveyed lots and began selling plots of land along what is now Market Street “at Reidsville”.


Inhabitants in Williamsboro, PO Reidsville, NC 255/249

255/249 MAJOR OAKS, Age 46,  Occupation Tabacconist & Merchant, Value of Real Estate $3500, Value of Personal State, $2000;  Born Virginia;  Married; Fannie Oaks, Age 30, Keeping House, Born Virginia; LOUISA B OAKS, Age 10, At School, Born Virginia; Albert M Oaks, Age 8, Born North Carolina; Francis Vaughn 20 Female Black, Domestic Servant; Charles Vaughn Male Black, Domestic Servant; Francis Smith 16 Male White, Clerk in Store, A. D. Montgomery, Age 38 Male White Clerk in Store (Vaughns, Smith and Montgomery all born North Carolina)

256/250 JOSEPH HOLDERBY, Age 66, Occupation, Farmer, Real Estate $800; Personal Property $200; born Virginia; Nancy W Holderby age 62, Keepinghouse, born North Carolina; William G. Holderby, Age 22, Clerk in Store, Born North Carolina; R[OBERT] B HOLDERBY, Age 19, At School, Born North Carolina; Nannie B, Age 14, At Home, Born North Carolina; Patient Griffin, Age 45, Black Female, Domestic Servant, born North Carolina; Fannie Griffin, Age 13, Black Female, Domestic Servant, born North Carolina; Washington Mebone, Age 50, Black Male Farm laborer, born NC; Emmeline Mebone Age 35, Black Female Farm Laborer, Children Charley Mebone (age 9), farm laborer; John Mebone (age 5), Ann Mebone (Age 3), black, born in North Carolina; Joseph M Cox, age 54 White Male Clerk in Store; G. Fleming Terry, age 21, White Male Clerk in Store  (Cox, Terry born in NC.)

Source Citation: Year: 1870; Census Place: WilliamsboroRockinghamNorth Carolina; Roll: M593_1157; Page: 404B; Image: 814; Family History Library Film: 552656.


August: MARTHA STUBBLEFIELD (HOLDERBY) Dies; Buried behind First Baptist Church; Reidsville, NC

    Location – North side of Piedmont Street, between S. Main Street and S. Scales Street. Behind and adjacent to First Baptist Church on S. Main Street but not affiliated with the church.Coordinates: 36d 21m 23.4s N; 79d 39m 54.0s W Click here for Google maps 

    Burial place of the founders of the City of Reidsville. Established 1849 By: Reuben Reid. Last Burial 1898.

    • Holderby, Martha W. Stubblefield   (b. 31 Mar 1808 – d. Aug 1871)
        • Wife of Joseph Holderby.Closeup of inscription.


Holderby, Joseph   (b. 1 Dec 1803 – d. 13 Nov 1875)

    • Born in Brunswick Co Va. Husband of Martha W. Stubblefield Holderby. Closeup of inscription.

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