Carter Stubblefield (c. 1769-1829), Rockingham County, NC


Gunn, Drewey Wayne et al. Stubblefield: Eight Generations of a Family in Rockingham and Caswell Counties, North Carolina and Calloway County, Kentucky.

CARTER STUBBLEFIELD (c. 1769-8 June 1829) was named after his mother’s people. His father deed him 100 acres on Hogan’s Creek on 26 Feb. 1800.  He wed c. 1806 SARAH (SALLY) MILLS (c. 1783-1853), dau. of MATTHEW MILLS & SARAH CHALLIS. They had three children.  They remained in Rockingham Co., though she died in Calloway Co., Ky., where their two sons had moved.


Gunn, Drewey Wayne et al. Stubblefield: Eight Generations of a Family in Rockingham and Caswell Counties, North Carolina and Calloway County, Kentucky.

[CARTER STUBBLEFIELD] bought 100 acres of land from his father on 26 Feb. 1800, adjoining his brother Nathan’s on Hogan’s Creek; in 1814 he sold this land plus 14 acres more to Matthew Mills. That year he bought some 526 acres of land on Wolf Island Creek from Charles Mills. He was appointed a Rockingham Co. justice of the peace 1804. He wed c. 1806 Sarah (Sally) Mills (c. 1784- 26 Mar. 1853). . .He was received into the Lick Fork Church in June 1816.  . . [H]is death notice appeared in the Raleigh Register, and his obituary appeared in the Greensboro Patriot, 4 July 1820.


CARTER STUBBLEFIELD was Grantee and Charles Mill Grantor Deed P261 265A (Wolf Island Creek)

CARTER STUBBLEFIELD was Grantee and Charles Mills Grantor P262 261A (Wolf Island Creek)



In the name of God Amen. I CARTER STUBBLEFIELD of the State of North Carolina and County of Rockingham being sick but of sound mind and memory desire to make and publish this my last will and Testament in manner following and form.

First, I give and bequeath to my Daughter MARTHA STUBBLEFIELD all of my land lying on the North Side of the branch called Skinner’s Branch Running with Martha Mills line to the Corner thence with French’s line and Francis Stubllefield’s line on the said branch again to her and heirs forever.

Item, I lend to my loving wife SALLY STUBBLEFIELD the balance of my land and plantaton where I now live during her natural life and after her __ to be Equally Divided Between by son – Peyton Stubblefield and my son William Stubblefield to them and their heirs forever but in case my said wife should marry then my desire is that she take the third part of the said land owing her life and then to be divided among my two sons as aforesaid.

Item, I give to my daughter MARTHA one Negro boy name Fred to her and her heirs forever.

Item, I give to my son William Stubblefield one Negro boy named Sammy to him and his heirs forever.

Item, I give to my son Peyton Stubblefield one Negro known by the name of Tom, till he get posession of pleasant lent to his mother and the said Negro to be divided between my two sons William and Peyton and whereas I have lent of family of Negros to the ____ by William T. Mills for sale of the said Negroes, should e sold one third part of the moneys arising from the sale of said Negroes I give to my wife Sally and the balance to be equally divided between my three children, Peyton, William and Martha, but in case they should not be sold I give my wife Sally one third part of said Negroes and the balance divided between my three children before aforementioned.

Item, I give to my daughter MARTHA one horse bridle and saddle  ___ horse called Lopard, one Cow and Calf, on bed of  __niture, one Ewe and lamb one sow of piggs. As to the rest of my Estate of every description not before ___ & mentioned to be equally divided between my Sally and my two sons William Stubblefield and Peyton Stubblefield as they come of age in Testimony thereof I have hereunto set my hand and Seal this 13th day of April 1824 and Lastly I apoint John beck and Thomas Guerrant Executors of this, my Last will.

Signed sealed and Delivered in Presents of James Pauley, Reason Waters, State of North Carolina, Rockingham County, Carter Stubblefield, A true copy A. H. Dahl.


We ascertain of the ___ last will and Testament of CARTER STUBBLEFIELD ___ proved in open by the oaths of Reason Waters and James Pauley. ___ to be recorded.

CARTER STUBBLEFIELD probate August 1829 A-340,

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