Miscellaneous Documents from Early 16th Century Gloucestershire

The following documents may prove to be relevant in sorting through the relationships of the Carters and related families in Early 16th Century Gloucestershire, England:


A Military Survey of Gloucestershire (1522), excerpts by WHB:

The Bristol and Gloucestershire Archaelogical Society: Gloucestershire Record Series. Vol 6, The Millitary Survey of Gloucestershire, 1522, ed. R. W. Hoyle, Alan Sutton Publishing, 1993.

Thornbury Hundred: Rangeworthy. The king is lord there and lands worth [].John Laurence 20 sh. Bow; Robert Laurence 40 sh. Sword, p. 35

Pucklechurch Hundred: Westerleigh: Richard Laurens: 5 lbs: sallet, splints and bill., p. 79; St Briavels Hundred: Hewelsfield John Laueraunce 13 s. 4d 7 lbs. horse, glaive. a. Robert Laueraunce 26s 8d 9 lbs sword, dagger & glaive [WHB note: the designation “a.” means able-bodied.] p.87

Slaughter Hundred; Broadwell: John Carter 20 lbs., p.88; Upper Slaughter: Richard Tracy 10 sh., p.96

Bisley Hundred: Paganhill: Richard Stratford 40 sh  10 lbs., p.102

The Liberty of the Seven Hundreds of Cirencester

The town of Cirencester: St Lawrence Street: John Laurence, p. 107

Crowthorne Hundred: Preston: Richard Stratford 13 lb 6 s 8d, p.132

Berkeley Hundred: Hinton: (a) Nicholas Laurens 3 lbs: bows and arrows, p. 166

Tewkesbury Hundred; Oxenton: Robert Stratford: 5 lbs., p.167; Alderton: John Carter is rector there and the rectory is worth 26 lb. 13 s. 4d. The same John 3s. 4d. 20 lb.; William Tracy, jun, 20 lb.; (a) John Stratford, p. 171; Church Stanway: John Laurans: 20 lbs., p. 174-5; Prestbury: John Stratford: 16 s.; Edward Straford: 40 s., p. 177

Deerhurst Hundred: Little Compton: John Carter 10 lb. p. 183;

Whitstone Hundred: Standish: John Carter: 6 lbs sallet., p. 187; King’s Stanley: William Stratforde: 7 lbs. Bow, sheaf of arrows. p. 192; Longney: John Carter: 13 lbs. 6s. 8d., p. 199

The king’s liberty of the duchy of Lancaster which extended within the hundreds of Bledisloe, Westbury [and] Botloe.; Huntley: John Stratford: 19s 4d.

Kiftsgate Hundred with Holford and Greston: p. 223; Westington: Richard Tracy, gent. 40 sh., p. 229; Toddington: William Tracy esq with lands there and other manors, 105 lb, goods 500 lbs., harness for three men.; The abbot of Hailes is rector there and the rectory is worth 8 lbs.; Henry Wyllys is vicar there and the vicarage is worth 8 lbs.; Richard Tracy (371v) a. William Carter

a. A high proportion of lines commence with a superscript “a”.  This is noted in the headings for Tewkesbury borough as indicating that a man was “able” in the sense of a man fit or ale to undertake military service.


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