Priscilla Carter (1763-1843), Bedford County, VA

The Family of Joseph Carter (Dick Zieman’s grouping 2007):

Child(ren) of Joseph of Spotsylvania Carter X.2. and Judith Chastain

1. Judith Carter ca. 1756– Buckingham Co VA
2. Mary Carter ca. 1758– Buckingham Co VA
3. Patriot John Carter X.5. ca. 1758– Buckingham Co VA 1841-02-18 Bedford Co VA
4. Elijah of Spotsylvania Carter ca. 1760– Spotsylvania Co VA 1812– Spotsylvania Co VA
5. Rev. Joseph Carter X.3. ca. 1762– Buckingham Co VA ca. 1849– Morgan Co KY
6. Priscilla Carter ca. 1763– Buckingham Co VA
7. Ammon Carter ca. 1767– Buckingham Co VA
8. Nancy Carter ca. 1769– Buckingham Co VA


The Marriage Records of Buckingham County:

Mar 15 1792     William Burnette          Priscilla Carter

The marriage took place at the Buckingham Baptist Church and was officiated by the Reverend Rene Chastain, one of the leaders of the Baptist movement in Virginia. Elder Rene Chastain was born in Powhatan County, Virginia on June 28, 1741.

The Gospel was first carried to Muddy Creek by Jeremiah Walker, Rene Chastain and others. T. Nargrett and Rene Chastain founded Wreck Island Baptist Church in 1784 with 45 members. Rene Chastain was the first pastor. Rene Chastain founded Union Baptist Church (Appomattox Association) in 1786. He was the first pastor.

Rene Chastain served Buckingham Baptist Church. Rene Chastain was Moderator of the Association. Buckingham, a mother church, in the county of the same name, is one of the largest and most flourishing churches in the Appomattox Association. The first successful preacher in these parts was Christopher Clarke. It was not long before Mr. Chastain commenced preaching. He has been their pastor, their only one, from the beginning.

Surely no people need ask to be more blessed in a pastor. Under him the church has prospered almost uniformly. If they have had their wintry state, from which none are exempt, yet, under the prudent management of this venerable pastor, they have not passed such serve conflicts as some other churches.

Mr. Chastain is now an old man and ripe for the crown that awaits him. As a preacher he is held in high estimation for soundness, simplicity and usefulness. Buckingham church joined the association in 1832.

Elder Chastain continued their faithful pastor until 1825, having served them for 53 years. His remains are in the family graveyard nearby, “with nothing over the grave to mark the sacred spot.”]

Wreck Island was first constituted at a place called Bent Creek in 1775. But, neglecting discipline, they declined, until 1784. They were re-constituted at the place called Wreck Island of Rock Island. Mr. Chastain then attended them statedly and they prospered under his care.

Elder Chastain was born in Powhatan County, Virginia, on June 28, 1741. Most of his life was spent in Buckingham where he served the church of that name for more than a half century. Cumberland, Providence and Mulberry Grove Churches also enjoyed, at times, his ministerial supervision. Like many other early preachers, he was in straitened circumstances, and much of his life spent between the plow handles. Stll when dying in old age, he could say as his last utterance “I have made full proof of my ministry.”

Source: Excerpts from “THE HUGUENOT”…Published By THE HUGUENOT SOCIETY


1805 May 27 – Court Order BK:200 ‘Williamson Burnett was ordered on his own recognizance to be of good behavior towards PRISCILLA BURNETT for 12 months by complaint of Priscilla by David Saunders.”


1806 Jan 27 – Court order BK:295 ‘An action was brought against Williamson Burnett for a ‘breach of his recognizance.’ (meaning his actions towards his estranged wife, PRISCILLA).”


The Application for Williamson Burnett’s Pension:

Pension Application of Priscilla Carter Burnett, widow of Williamson Burnett: W3383

Transcribed and annotated by C. Leon Harris


State of Virginia} Bedford County to wit}


On this 15th day of July 1840 personally appeared before me a Justice of the peace in and for the County aforesaid, Priscilla Burnette, a resident of Virginia in the County of Bedford, aged sixty six years, who being first duly sworn according to Law, doth on her Oath, make the following declaration, in order to obtain the Benefit of the provision made by the act of Congress, passed July 7th 1838, entitled an act, granting half pay and pensions to Certain Widows,


that she is the widow of Williamson Burnette, that she always understood from her Husband and Others, that he served three Touers in the Malitia, of Three months each, as a private soldier in the War of the Revolution, but from old age and the consequent loss of memory, she cannot state all the particulars, such as the time he was called into service, or the Officers he served under, (if she ever knew them)


but that he was born in the County of Buckingham, and was called into the service from said County. That she well recollects his saying he was in the Seige of York, and that they were married sometime after his return from serving, that his last Tower of service,


That they resided sometime in Buckingham after their marriage & where their two Children, James H. Burnette & Nancy Burnette were born and that they removed from said County of Buckingham to the County of Bedford where her husband died, at the time hereafter stated, and as a further proof of his having served in the war of the revolution, &c &c, she begs leave to refer to the Certificates of Adler Arrington & Cap. George Rogers, John Carter, Sr [pension application S39285] & James H Burnette and for proof of their marriage to the Certificate of the


Clerk of Buckingham County.


She further declares that she was married to the said Williamson Burnette on the 15th day of March in the year Seventeen hundred and Ninety Two that her husband the aforesaid Williamson Burnette died on the 3rd day June Eighteen hundred and Thirty three, that she was not married to him prior to his leaving the service, but the marriage took place previous to the first of January seventeen hundred and ninety four viz at the time above stated.


Priscilla herXmark Burnette


State of Virginia

Bedford County to wit}


The affidavit of James H Burnette aged Forty eight years of the County & State aforesaid, but formerly of the County of Buckingham of the same State, where he was born, and from which County his Father Williamson Burnette, now deceased, removed, deposeth, and saith,


That his Father, Williamson Burnette, Husband to his Mother, Priscillar Burnette, the present Claimant, died at his residence in the County of Bedford, in his presence, on the 3rd day June 1833. and that his Mother Priscillar Burnette has never since been married, but is now a widow – and further states,


That he has frequently heard his Father, Williamson Burnette speak of his services in the Revolutionary War. That he was not a regular soldier, but in the militia, that so long a time having elapsed, and never expecting to be called on, if he ever new them, he cannot now detail them, but well recollects many of the circumstances and some of the places where he was stationed and often mentioned; among others, that he was at Rockets Landing, near Richmond, at Petersburg, Cedar Point, at James Town & York Town, at the surrender of Cornwallis [19 Oct 1781] &c, but in which of the different Tours, that he served, that he was at the various places mentioned, he cannot state – but that he has the fullest confidence that his Father Williamson Burnette was in service in the War of the Revolution, having often heard him speak of it, both in Conversation with himself & others and never heard of its having been called in Question or disputed              [signed] James Burnett


NOTE: The application includes a copy of the minister’s return for the marriage of Williamson Burnett and Priscilla Carter.

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