Joseph Burnett, Jr (1842-1911), Bedford County and Lynchburg, VA



Joseph Burnett, Jr was born in 1842. His father was Joseph Burnett Sr (see Joseph Burnett (1807-1885), Bedford County, VA.)

His mother was Elizabeth Johnson


In 1865, to Malinda Jane Witt, born 1850, died December 30, 1889, Bedford County, VA

Second marriage to Mildred Thomas Wilson in 1891.


The Children of Joseph Burnett, Jr (except where otherwise noted, from correspondence of Mrs George W. [Phyllis] Martin).

Ida M. Burnett, born September 21, 1867 [WHB - married George K. Hogan]

Clara Belle Burnett, born July 18, 1869 [WHB - married John Jefferson Burnett; died 1936]

Otey Munford Burnett, born December 6, 1870, died 1948

Henry Clay Burnett, born June 18, 1872

Lillian B. Burnett, born March 7, 1874

Myrtle D. Burnett, born December 1, 1875

William Penn Burnett, born April 18, 1878

[WHB - Ollie P, born 1880, died 1880, age 3 months]

Linwood B. Burnett, born August 9, 1893

Lewis V. Burnett [WHB - born 1885

Otha T. Burnett (died of burns as a child) [WHB - born, 1881, death in 1884]

Harold Carlton Burnett [WHB - born 1887]

Hattie Ward Burnett, born September 23, 1888

Joseph Burnett III (half-brother) [WHB - Joseph McKinley Burnett, child of the second marriage.]

Sorry this is not complete. Aunt Hattie’s daughter Shirley Evans Childress is out of town at present. I’ll phone her later to learn the time of Hattie’s death.

P.S. Harold Carlton Burnett was a sereant of the U. S. Army. He was almost as handsome as Linwood, his older brother.



Death of Mr Joseph Burnett (Jr) – [provided on typewritten sheet by Mrs. George W. Martin]

Mr Joseph Burnett died suddenly yesterday at 6 o’cock from heart disease, at his home, 203 Twelfth Street, aged 69 years. Mr Burnett was a Confederate veteran and was well known in this city, having lived here for twenty-one years.

He is survived by six sons Otey M., William, P., Linwood B., Louis V., Harold Carlton and Josephe, all of this city, and four daughters – Mrs J. . Burnett, Mrs O. J. Barton, Mrs. M. F. Burnett and by three brothers, Messrs Lafayette, James and William B., and by two sisters, Miss Martha Burnett and Mrs Pricilla Crouch, all of Bedford county.

The deceased was born in Bedford county in 1842.

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Giles Carter (1634-1700) Henrico County, VA

Note from WHB (January 4, 2012): I am more optimistic than ever that the collective efforts of many researchers on the relationships of the Carters in 17th Century Virginia will solve the riddles of the origins of these Virginia families.

I suspect that they will find that efforts in understanding the relationships of the Carters in 17th Century Gloucester County, England to be of great importance in the effort.

We need to better understand what was going on in the Port of Bristol and how the Carters, Tracys and related families were involved. In the meantime, I am posting some past correspondence on the subject.

It also might be useful to have tentative hypotheses as to which of the 17th century Virginia Carters do NOT belong (at least directly) with the Gloucester/Cirencester/Bristol group. It probably matters that some are associated with Christ Church in London, but that does not necessarily mean they are unrelated to the Gloucester group. I suspect that everyone in 17th century Virginia was associated with or at least sympathetic to the side of the Cavaliers as opposed to the Roundheads.


Determining the Ancestry of Giles Carter of Henrico County

Some related correspondence:

WHB to Hamp Burnett, October 14 2004

I have been looking through my e-mail message bank (which, of course, I do have access to here in Paris) to seek what I have written others on my previous work on the Carters.

Note this 2001 message I sent to Peyton Carter, who is my cousin through the line of Theodoric Carter (Henrico County).  Although my thinking has revised
slightly, this still is my current hypothesis on the Carters.  I am descended from Carters on both my mother’s and father’s lines, and have come to believe
both lines are descended from the same family in Gloucestershire.

Let me know your thoughts.


Cousin Peyton -

I am sending you a copy of my current thoughts expressed in correspondence with a researcher from Middlesex County, VA.  Please keep these thoughts in
mind as you continue your research, and let me know what you think.


Subject: Re: William Carter

Karen -

If one is able to trace their ancestry to GILES CARTER and ELIZABETH TRACY, then there is sufficient information through the Standard Peerage Books and history books, as well as other genealogical resources, to trace direct lineage back to the Tenth Century Normandy (with a high degree of certainty) and before that to Eighth Century France (on lines of
descendency for which I have not yet examined the evidence directly).

The TRACYs were of royal descent, and from them I have been able to trace four (and probably five) of the 31 known men who fought on the Norman side of the Battle of Hastings as direct ancestors, and include as direct ancestors two kings of England, and a number of significant names in British, Norman and French history.

I have two hypotheses.  In both WILLIAM CARTER is the grandson of GILES and ELIZABETH.  One would have him the son of GILES JR. and HANNAH CREWES, who settled in the Turkey Island area (Henrico County).  The other
would have him as the son of a WILLIAM CARTER, who was the brother of GILES, JR.

I am a descendent of WILLIAM CARTER on my father’s side and of THEODORIC CARTER, son of GILES JR. and HANNAH CREWES, on my mother’s side.  I have enough experience with the First Family dynasties to pick up on clues which suggest large multi-county, multi-state economic endeavors involving the different branches of one family.

WILLIAM CARTER’s son JOHN CARTER (who you will show in your Middlesex County records associated with the AMMONs) was ancestor to the CARTERs of Bedford County. Now I have some tentative evidence (as yet not
established) that THEODORIC’s brother’s line inherited Bedford County property.

My current hypothesis is that ALL of the CARTERS who appear in the 17th century Virginia records are related.  Given the tight controls on immigration into 17th century Virginia, it makes sense for there to be ultimately only one CARTER family.  Granted, it is a common name, and I never really thought that they all could be closely related, but the more I learn, the more I think that is probable.

One other bit of information.  GILES and ELIZABETH TRACY’s brother, travelled together on the ship Supply to Jamestown Colony in 1620, took part in the “First Thanksgiving”, then returned to Gloucestershire, after
which GILES and ELIZABETH married.

The CARTER and TRACY families were scouting Virginia from the earliest decades.  When things went badly for them in the English Civil War, many of the family members emigrated to the Colonies.

Please share this information with persons who would be willing to pursue this line of reasoning and help me prove or disprove it.

Thanks, WHB

WHB to Peyton Carter, October 17, 2004

Thank you for the reference to the baptismal certificate. Did you see the attached posting, which refers to documents that I have not yet seen?

I think with some concentrated work on Gloucestershire it will be possible to “connect the dots”.  One of the items I plan to spend more time on is the history of each of the manors associated with the Carter families (and it appears from the attached correspondence possibly also those associated with the Laurence and Stratford families).

Although my work with medieval genealogy prepares me to expect continuous marrying within family groups to prevent choice revenue bearing properties from being lost to the family group, I have not come across documentation of relations with the Stratfords yet.  The Carters et al could all be cadet branches of the Tracy and deTony families.

Let me know if you have further information.  I think you are on the right track with Gyles of Badgeworth.

Cordially, Cousin Bill

The “attached posting” from Joseph Carter:

Gyles Carter and Carters of Gloucestershire, February 29th, 2004 -

I am Looking for Several Carter’s from the Gloucestershire area that migrated to the United States around the Virginia area in the early and late 1600′s. I am interested in Gyles Carter of Badgeworth that had a wife Margarett and A brother Thomas Carter that had a son named Anthony Carter, Gyles of Badgeworth Had a son John Carter that was married to Mary Lawrence daughter to Robert Lawrence of Shipton Sollars and Eleanor Stratford of Farmecotte (Farnecott) their son Giles that was Married to Elizabeth Tracy he was one of the early Carter’s that Came to Virginia.

The Carter’s were related to the Tracy Family through intermarriages of the Stratford, Carter and Lawrence Families. I am searching for A Giles Carter born around 1634 possibly a son to a Theodor or Theodorick Carter that was christened in Cirencester in 1635. I am also looking for a William and John Carter from this Line that came to The USA. Their were two Families of Carter’s from Gloucestershire that shared similar Names, The Carter’s of Arlingham and the Carter’s of Badgeworth , Charleton Abbots, Lower Swell , Neather Swell and Cirencester and Cheltenham and Blockley. I have wills of Several of these Carter’s but I am searching for a link to Early Virginia that would connect Carter’s here to the families in Gloucestershire.

If you can Help me Please do.

Re: Gyles Carter and Carters of Gloucestershire

Reply from Jeff Carter, April 18th, 2004 –

HAVE JOHN AND WILLIAM CARTER ABOUT 1700. Suspect Carters went to Christchurch, then isle of Whyte, then USA.They lived Lancashire.Kent.Garston.Liverpool.Regards Jeff Carter

Peyton Carter to WHB

I did discover his baptismal certificate in Cirencester, dated April 24, 1635. (Gloucestershire Record Office, Gloucester, England, 24/4/1635, PFC 86 in 1/1, No. 5, p. 243). It names Gyles Carter, the son of Theodor Carter. Given that Giles of Henrico’s oldest son was named Theodorick, this seems to be it, not to mention that this makes him the correct age, verified in a deposition that Giles gave in 1680. (Henrico County, Record Book 1 (Deeds & Wills), 1677 – 1692, Reel 4, p. 133.) However, I have had difficulty in tracking down this Theodor. I have not been able to positively connect Giles of Virginia with Gyles of Badgeworth. Have a nice trip.


Hi Cousin Peyton -

I am writing you from Paris and will be in Gloucestershire next week. I noted your current postings requesting information on the baptism of  Giles Carter in Cirencester and the possible descendency from Gyles Carter of Badgworth.  Have you obtained any further documentation that might
confirm this hypothesis?

Cordially, Cousin Bill

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Joseph Carter, Jr (1733-1814), Bedford County, VA


The Family Group for Joseph Carter, Jr, son of Joseph Carter (Middlesex and Spotsylvania Counties, VA) and Catherine Ammon.

Joseph Carter, Jr

Ammon Carter, born around 1765, married Mary (Polly) Burnett (sister of Williamson Burnett)

Priscilla Carter, married Williamson Burnett 15 March 1792

Mary (Polly) Carter, married Josiah McKinney, 1 January 1789

Nancy, married Thomas Phelps



Deed Book 12, Page 253. Bedford County, Virginia

This Indenture made this 30th day of April Eighteen Hundred and Seven between Benjamin Hail and Susanah his wife of the County of Bedford of the one part and Joseph Carter of the said County of Bedford of the other part.

Wittnessed that the said Benjamin Hail and Susanah his wife for and in consideration of the sum of lawful money of Virginia the receipt of which is hereby acknowledged hath granted bargained and sold and by these presents doth sale and confirm unto the said Joseph Carter one certain tract of land lying and being in the County of Bedford and on both sides of Craddock Creek and bounded as followeth (viz) Begining at a pine in Stephen Hails land line North 13 degrees West 131 poles to pointers. North 341/2 degrees east 118 poles to pointers North 54 degrees East 28 poles to a black oak in Woodcock’s line thence with it south 40 degrees East 60 poles to a cove thence up the cove South 25 degrees East 351/2 poles to a box oak in the Woodcock’s and Nicholl’s line. South 60 degrees West 19 poles to a pine stump South 2 degrees West 121 poles to a white oak in Hail’s and Nicholl’s line. South 70 degrees West 20 poles to a white oak. West 48 poles to a beach on creek. North 73 degrees West 38 poles to the first station. Containing One Hundred and Sixty 3/4 acres (be the same more or less) to have and to hold the said land and premises with all appertainances there unto belonging and the said Benjamin and Susanah his wife doth for themselves their heirs do agree to and with the said Carter to warrant and defend the wright and title of the said land and premises unto him the said Joseph Carter his heirs or assigns forever from the claim or claims of all persons whatever. In testimony whereof we have here unto set our hands and seals this day above and date above written.
Benjamin Hail
Sukey Hail

At a Court held for Bedford County at the Courthouse the 28th Day of September 1807. This indenture of bargain and sale between Benjamin Hail and Sukey his wife the said Sukey being first privitely examined according to law voluntairly relinquished and her right of dower in and to the land and premises conveyed by this indenture which is ordered to be recorded.
J. Steptoe CBC

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John Johnson, Sr (1732-1817), Hanover and Bedford Counties, VA


JOHN JOHNSON born in Hanover County, VA, in the Quaker community asociated with the Cedar Creek Quaker Meeting House

Inscription. English immigrant Thomas Stanley, born about 1670, championed the right to religious freedom early in the 1700s. Stanley gave nearby land for a Quaker meetinghouse, school, and cemetery. Until the 19th century, the Religious Society of Friends (Quakers) convened here for worship. Here in 1767, Quakers spoke out strongly against enslavement of blacks, which resulted in a 1772 resolution prohibiting the purchase and hiring of slaves by Quakers. By 1779, they had recommended freeing all slaves and approximately 200 were freed as a result. In 1875, the meeting was disbanded because of westward Quaker migration. The building burned in 1904.

Erected 2009 by Department of Historic Resources. (Marker Number I 10-c.)

Location. 37° 49.419′ N, 77° 37.759′ W. Marker is in Montpelier, Virginia, in Hanover County. Marker is at the intersection of West Patrick Henry Road (Virginia Route 54) and Quaker Church Road (Virginia Route 803), on the left when traveling west on West Patrick Henry Road. Click for map. Marker is in this post office area: Montpelier VA 23192, United States of America.

The WATKINS family of Goochland County VA produced four children whose spouses were children of JOHN JOHNSON and ELIZABETH ELLYSON.


JOHN JOHNSON, son of JOHN JOHNSON and ELIZABETH ELLYSON married LYDIA WATKINS, daughter of ________,  3 June 1754.


Judith Johnson, daughter of JOHN JOHNSON and LYDIA WATKINS, born at Cedar Creek, Bedford County, VA


Susanna Johnson, daughter of JOHN JOHNSON and LYDIA, born in Cedar Creek, Bedford County, VA


Judith Johnson, duagher of JOHN JOHNSON and LYDIA WATKINS, married to Barclay Ballard.


Suannah Johnson, daughter of JOHN JOHNSON SR and LYDIA, marries John WIlkerson 16 December 1792. She was born in Bedford County, VA, and died in Bedford County, VA.


Josiah Bailey, of Campbell County, and Susanna Ballard, daughter of Barclay and Judith Ballard, of Bedford County, were married at Ivy Creek Meeting-house, in Bedford County, 7-15-1804.


The following witnesses signed the marriage certificate : Thomas Johnson, Johnson Ballard, William Butler, Amos Holloway, Nicholas Johnson, Benjamin Johnson, John Swinney, Joseph Johnson, Rhoda Johnson, Agatha Johnson, Hepsabeth Holloway, Salley Macey, Betsy Butterworth, Nancy Johnson, Susanna Stone.


December 21,, 1807 – Bedford County Marriage Bonds: JOHN JOHNSON, JR to MARY ANN (POLLY) CARTER. Surety is JOHN CARTER





Will of John Johnson, Sr (1817)

I, John Johnson of Bedford County, do hereby make and ordain this my last will and testament. In the m_____  following

I do lend my wife Lydia Johnson during her life the Land and plantation whereon I now live with all the personal estate I, Joseph, and at her decease for the Land to revert to my Son Thomas Johnson and his heirs forever -

and, I have ____ my son James Johnson the sum of one thousand dollars to be laid out in Land upon? the State of the ___ by him for the Benefit of my son John Johnson, deceased and to be equally divided between them, then at the decision of my aforesaid wife for my personal estate and make a return to court and then giving three months Legal notice of a sale of the said estate and for the amount of sale to be divided equally between my Children to wit, Judith Ballard Susannah WIlkerson James Samuel Joseph & Thomas Johnson and Lydia Moorman and the heirs of my son John Johnson to come in and  ___ legatee in all making eight shs ___I to constitute my son Thomas  Johnson and James Martin Capt? of Campbell to be my executors of this my last will and testament given under my hand & seal this ____ day of September eighteen hundred and ___ signed in the present

John Johnson Seal

B the words? between tem, and equally interlined before signed Samuel Poindexter, Dabney Poindexter, Benjamin X Ellot his mark Aug 1817


At a court held for Bedford County at the Courthouse this 24th day of March 1817. The Last Will of John Johnson Dec was exhibited in Court and proven by Dabney Cornester? as subscribing witness and afterward met a court before _____ the 26th day of August 1817. The same further proven by the oah of Benjamin Eliott another Subscribing witness for ___ to be recorded. On the motion of Thomas Johnson one of the Executors therein named who madeoath ____according to Law. Certificate is granted ___ for obtaining a probate thereof in due form Liverty being reserved the other Exer therein named to ___ in that _____ fit. Desk J Stepph__ ?

The Last Will etc of John Johnson Dec’d 1817 Mar 24th proved by _____

1817 Aug 25th  heir proved ___ Thomas Johnson _____


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Joseph Burnett (1807-1885), Bedford County, VA





JULIUS SAUNDERS legally apprentices William(son) Burnett, JOSEPH BURNETT, and Christopher Ammon Burnett. Y-chromosome tests have proven that JOSEPH BURNETT and Christopher Ammon Burnett are descended from JULIUS SAUNDERS.


CAPT JULIUS SAUNDERS died in Bedford County, Va., in August, 1821, as indicated in the letter from Samuel Newell to Tunstall Quarles hereintofore quoted. He was buried with military honors, as befitted “a good soldier”, who “had helped capture that old Scoundrel Cornwallis”.


December 25,1824,

John Johnson, deceased, commonwelth appointed to sell Widow’s allotment, 161 acres Craddock Creek to Julius Saundrs & c. Bedford County, Virginia. Deed book 19, page 114.


JOSEPH BURNETT son of JULIUS SAUNDERS and PRISCILLA CARTER [see Priscilla Carter (1763-1843), Bedford County, VA]. [WHB - JOSEPH'S biological father is apparently JULIUS SAUNDERS] is married on 20 December, 1830 in Bedford County to ELIZABETH JOHNSON daughter of JOHN JOHNSON JR. and MARY ANN “POLLY” CARTER.

Source: General  Index to Marriage Registers – Bedford, Virginia, from 1754.




William S(andy) Burnett, son of JOSEPH BURNETT and ELIZABETH JOHNSON, born in Bedford County, VA.


Lockey Burnett, daughter of JOSEPH BURNETT and ELIZABETH JOHNSON, born in Bedford County, VA.


Polly Burnett, daughter of JOSEPH BURNETT and ELIZABETH JOHNSON, born in Bedford County, VA


Henry Thomas Burnett, son of JOSEPH BURNETT and ELIZABETH JOHNSON born in Bedford County, VA.


Woodard Burnett, son of JOSEPH BURNETT and ELIZABETH JOHNSON, born in Bedford County, VA.




Priscilla Burnett, daughter of JOSEPH BURNETT and ELIZABETH JOHNSON, born in Bedford County, VA.


Elizabeth Burnett, daughter of JOSEPH BURNETT and ELIZABETH JOHNSON, born in Bedford County, VA.


Sarah Burnett, daughter of JOSEPH BURNETT and ELIZABETH JOHNSON, born in Bedford County, VA.


James P. Burnett, son of JOSEPH BURNETT and ELIZABETH JOHNSON, born in Bedford County, VA.



Martha Burnett, daughter of JOSEPH BURNETT and ELIZABETH JOHNSON, born in Bedford County, VA.

Polly Burnett, daughter of JOSEPH BURNETT and ELIZABETH JOHNSON, marries David H Johnson.


Mary Jane Burnett, daughter of JOSEPH BURNETT and ELIZABETH JOHNSON, born ande dies in Bedford County, VA.


Priscilla Burnett, daughter of JOSEPH BURNETT and ELIZABETH JOHNSON, marries Obadiah Crouch


Elizabeth Burnett, daughter of JOSEPH BURNETT and ELIZABETH JOHNSON, marries John Henry Burnett.

Woodard Burnett, son of JOSEPH BURNETT and ELIZABETH JOHNSON, marries Francess Mitchell




James P. Burnett, son of JOSEPH BURNETT and ELIZABETH JOHNSON, marries Cora Ellen White.

His death record (1885)

VIRGINIA: In the Clerk’s Office of the Circuit Court of the County of Bedford:

I, H. P. Scott, Clerk of said Court, do hereby certify that the death records on file in this office for Bedford County show the death of a white, male, named Joseph Burnett, age 78 years, Oct. 1885, cause of death Dropsy, parents J. H. and Pricella Burnett, Farmer, wife’s name Elizabeth, and information given by Wm. Burnett, son.

Given under my hand and seal of said Court, this the 9th day of May, 1979. Virginia H. Stanley, Deputy for H. P. Scott, Clerk

Death Record Book 1 Page 117.

His younger brother’s death record two month’s later (1885)

VIRGINIA: In the Clerk’s Office of the Circuit Court of the County of Bedford:

I, H. P. Scott, Clerk of said Court, do hereby certify that the death records on file in this office for Bedford County show the death of a white, male, named Chris A. Burnett, on Dec. 15, 1885, age 75 years, parents J. H. & Pricella Burnett, Farmer, Wife’s name Orphy J., and information given by Wm. Burnett, a nephew.

Given under my hand and seal of said Court, this the 9th day of May, 1979. Virginia H. Stanley, Deputy for H. P. Scott, Clerk

Death Record Book 1 Page 117.

[WHB Note: At one time I thought that the use of  "J. H." rather the "Williamson Burnett" in both reports of death to the County Clerk was inadvertent, William Burnett mixing up the name of his father's eldest brother James Hooper with the long-deceased Williamson.

The combination of genealogical and DNA evidence now suggests that the J. H. was not meant to refer to a Burnett at all, but rather more likely to JULIUS SAUNDERS.

I suspect the use of the term J. H. for the father of both JOSEPH and Christopher Ammon Burnett by nephew William Burnett at the death of two of the brothers was deliberate and had a particular meaning at that time. ]

[WHB – The following is a list of the marriages of JOSEPH BURNETT’s children and/or dates of their deaths that took place after his death in 1885:

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Mary Ann (Polly) Carter (1789-? ), Bedford County, Virginia


MARY ANN (POLLY) CARTER born in Bedford County, VA

The marriage record (1807)

JOHN JOHNSON JR, son of JOHN JOHNSON and LYDIA WATKINS, married MARY ANN (POLLY) CARTER, daughter of Patriot JOHN CARTER and FRANCES DEPRIEST (?): Married December  21 1807, JOHN CARTER surety.




JOHN JOHNSON, JR dies in War of 1812.

The second marriage (1817)

Henry Miles

MARY ANN (CARTER) JOHNSON, widow of JOHN JOHNSON JR. Married November 22, 1817, John Oxley surety, married by John Ayers.

Her daughter’s marriage record (1830):

JOSEPH BURNETT son of Williamson Burnett and PRISCILLA CARTER

ELIZABETH JOHNSON daughter of JOHN JOHNSON JR and MARY ANN (POLLY) CARTER. Married on 20 December 1830 in Bedford, Virginia.

Source: General  Index to Marriage Registers – Bedford, Virginia, from 1754.

The release of Mary Ann (Carter) Miles’ Dower (1834)

Surveyed and plotted for MARY Miles (widow of JOHN JOHNSON, dec’d) as follows (Viz)

Beginning at pointing(?) on Wm Preston?’s Line thence of S 39 E 113 poles to Hickory thence S 48 W 54? poles to pointing near Branch thence N 35 W 100 __ poles To pointing on road thence N 39 E 78 poles to the Beginning containing 54 acres.

John N____?, 15th April 1834

[WHB personally searched the Bedford County will books and obtained a photocopy of the disposition of the widow's dowry.]

Agreeable to an order Bedford January Court 1834. To us ___ we have this day alloted Mary Miles Late MARY JOHNSON her Dower in the real Estate of her Dec’d husband JOHN JOHNSON which will more fully appear by the above, plot and Certificate all of which is Respecfuly Reported Given under hands this 15 day of April 1834. Lewis Wingfiled, William Preston, Louis C. Arthur.

The ___ were employed one day each.

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Priscilla Carter (1763-1843), Bedford County, VA

The Family of Joseph Carter (Dick Zieman’s grouping 2007):

Child(ren) of Joseph of Spotsylvania Carter X.2. and Judith Chastain

1. Judith Carter ca. 1756– Buckingham Co VA
2. Mary Carter ca. 1758– Buckingham Co VA
3. Patriot John Carter X.5. ca. 1758– Buckingham Co VA 1841-02-18 Bedford Co VA
4. Elijah of Spotsylvania Carter ca. 1760– Spotsylvania Co VA 1812– Spotsylvania Co VA
5. Rev. Joseph Carter X.3. ca. 1762– Buckingham Co VA ca. 1849– Morgan Co KY
6. Priscilla Carter ca. 1763– Buckingham Co VA
7. Ammon Carter ca. 1767– Buckingham Co VA
8. Nancy Carter ca. 1769– Buckingham Co VA


The Marriage Records of Buckingham County:

Mar 15 1792     William Burnette          Priscilla Carter

The marriage took place at the Buckingham Baptist Church and was officiated by the Reverend Rene Chastain, one of the leaders of the Baptist movement in Virginia. Elder Rene Chastain was born in Powhatan County, Virginia on June 28, 1741.

The Gospel was first carried to Muddy Creek by Jeremiah Walker, Rene Chastain and others. T. Nargrett and Rene Chastain founded Wreck Island Baptist Church in 1784 with 45 members. Rene Chastain was the first pastor. Rene Chastain founded Union Baptist Church (Appomattox Association) in 1786. He was the first pastor.

Rene Chastain served Buckingham Baptist Church. Rene Chastain was Moderator of the Association. Buckingham, a mother church, in the county of the same name, is one of the largest and most flourishing churches in the Appomattox Association. The first successful preacher in these parts was Christopher Clarke. It was not long before Mr. Chastain commenced preaching. He has been their pastor, their only one, from the beginning.

Surely no people need ask to be more blessed in a pastor. Under him the church has prospered almost uniformly. If they have had their wintry state, from which none are exempt, yet, under the prudent management of this venerable pastor, they have not passed such serve conflicts as some other churches.

Mr. Chastain is now an old man and ripe for the crown that awaits him. As a preacher he is held in high estimation for soundness, simplicity and usefulness. Buckingham church joined the association in 1832.

Elder Chastain continued their faithful pastor until 1825, having served them for 53 years. His remains are in the family graveyard nearby, “with nothing over the grave to mark the sacred spot.”]

Wreck Island was first constituted at a place called Bent Creek in 1775. But, neglecting discipline, they declined, until 1784. They were re-constituted at the place called Wreck Island of Rock Island. Mr. Chastain then attended them statedly and they prospered under his care.

Elder Chastain was born in Powhatan County, Virginia, on June 28, 1741. Most of his life was spent in Buckingham where he served the church of that name for more than a half century. Cumberland, Providence and Mulberry Grove Churches also enjoyed, at times, his ministerial supervision. Like many other early preachers, he was in straitened circumstances, and much of his life spent between the plow handles. Stll when dying in old age, he could say as his last utterance “I have made full proof of my ministry.”

Source: Excerpts from “THE HUGUENOT”…Published By THE HUGUENOT SOCIETY


1805 May 27 – Court Order BK:200 ‘Williamson Burnett was ordered on his own recognizance to be of good behavior towards PRISCILLA BURNETT for 12 months by complaint of Priscilla by David Saunders.”


1806 Jan 27 – Court order BK:295 ‘An action was brought against Williamson Burnett for a ‘breach of his recognizance.’ (meaning his actions towards his estranged wife, PRISCILLA).”


The Application for Williamson Burnett’s Pension:

Pension Application of Priscilla Carter Burnett, widow of Williamson Burnett: W3383

Transcribed and annotated by C. Leon Harris


State of Virginia} Bedford County to wit}


On this 15th day of July 1840 personally appeared before me a Justice of the peace in and for the County aforesaid, Priscilla Burnette, a resident of Virginia in the County of Bedford, aged sixty six years, who being first duly sworn according to Law, doth on her Oath, make the following declaration, in order to obtain the Benefit of the provision made by the act of Congress, passed July 7th 1838, entitled an act, granting half pay and pensions to Certain Widows,


that she is the widow of Williamson Burnette, that she always understood from her Husband and Others, that he served three Touers in the Malitia, of Three months each, as a private soldier in the War of the Revolution, but from old age and the consequent loss of memory, she cannot state all the particulars, such as the time he was called into service, or the Officers he served under, (if she ever knew them)


but that he was born in the County of Buckingham, and was called into the service from said County. That she well recollects his saying he was in the Seige of York, and that they were married sometime after his return from serving, that his last Tower of service,


That they resided sometime in Buckingham after their marriage & where their two Children, James H. Burnette & Nancy Burnette were born and that they removed from said County of Buckingham to the County of Bedford where her husband died, at the time hereafter stated, and as a further proof of his having served in the war of the revolution, &c &c, she begs leave to refer to the Certificates of Adler Arrington & Cap. George Rogers, John Carter, Sr [pension application S39285] & James H Burnette and for proof of their marriage to the Certificate of the


Clerk of Buckingham County.


She further declares that she was married to the said Williamson Burnette on the 15th day of March in the year Seventeen hundred and Ninety Two that her husband the aforesaid Williamson Burnette died on the 3rd day June Eighteen hundred and Thirty three, that she was not married to him prior to his leaving the service, but the marriage took place previous to the first of January seventeen hundred and ninety four viz at the time above stated.


Priscilla herXmark Burnette


State of Virginia

Bedford County to wit}


The affidavit of James H Burnette aged Forty eight years of the County & State aforesaid, but formerly of the County of Buckingham of the same State, where he was born, and from which County his Father Williamson Burnette, now deceased, removed, deposeth, and saith,


That his Father, Williamson Burnette, Husband to his Mother, Priscillar Burnette, the present Claimant, died at his residence in the County of Bedford, in his presence, on the 3rd day June 1833. and that his Mother Priscillar Burnette has never since been married, but is now a widow – and further states,


That he has frequently heard his Father, Williamson Burnette speak of his services in the Revolutionary War. That he was not a regular soldier, but in the militia, that so long a time having elapsed, and never expecting to be called on, if he ever new them, he cannot now detail them, but well recollects many of the circumstances and some of the places where he was stationed and often mentioned; among others, that he was at Rockets Landing, near Richmond, at Petersburg, Cedar Point, at James Town & York Town, at the surrender of Cornwallis [19 Oct 1781] &c, but in which of the different Tours, that he served, that he was at the various places mentioned, he cannot state – but that he has the fullest confidence that his Father Williamson Burnette was in service in the War of the Revolution, having often heard him speak of it, both in Conversation with himself & others and never heard of its having been called in Question or disputed              [signed] James Burnett


NOTE: The application includes a copy of the minister’s return for the marriage of Williamson Burnett and Priscilla Carter.

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John Carter (1758?-1840), Bedford County, VA

The family of his parents, Joseph Carter Jr and Judith Chastain:


[PC-13] JUDITH CHASTAIN (born around 1734, Goochland County, Virginia) married JOSEPH CARTER JR., around 1754.

[WHB Note: Goochland County was carved out of Henrico County in 1728; Albemarle County was carved out of Goochland County in 1744; Buckingham County was carved out of Albemarle County in 1761. References to family members born in Henrico, Goochland, Albemarle and Buckingham Counties do not necessarily indicate that the families migrated from one area to another.]


[PC-43] Joseph Carter, III (born around 1755, Virginia; died February 25, 1845, Morgan County, Kentucky); married [PC-108] Magdalene Sallé Chastain around 1786.


[PC-42] JOHN CARTER (born around 1750, Albemarle County, Virginia) married Frances DuPriest on November 9, 1787, in Buckingham County

[WHB: one would expect the date of JOHN CARTER's birth to be be later than 1754, if his parents were married in that year. Note he is said to be 72 in 1730, suggesting 1758.]


[PC-44] Judith Carter (born around 1759, Virginia); married [PC-51] Joseph Gevedon, her cousin.


[PC-45] Mary (Polly) Carter (born around 1761, Albemarle County, Virginia); married Josiah McKinney on January 1, 1789, in Buckingham County, Virginia.


[PC-46] PRISCILLA CARTER (born around 1763, Buckingham County, Virginia); married Williamson Burnett on March 15, 1792, in Buckingham County, Virginia.


[PC-47] Ammon Carter (born 1765, Buckingham County, Virginia); married Mary (Polly) Burnett; married Mary Gartell.


[PC-48] ELIZABETH CARTER married Isham Johnson Miles in Bedford County, Virginia.


[PC-49] Nancy Carter (born around 1769, Buckingham County, Virginia); married Thomas Phelps.


Elijah Carter (born around 1771, Virginia; died around 1812, Bedford County, Virginia); married Ursula.


From JOHN CARTER’s Revolutionary War soldier’s pension application of 1830:

. . .  the military history of JOHN CARTER, a soldier of the REVOLUTIONARY WAR, you will find below the desired information as contained in his (or his widow’s) application for pension on file in this Bureau. S 39285

Dates of Enlisthment or Appointment: 1779; Length of Service: 2 years; Rank: Private; Officers Under Whom Service Was Rendered: Captain Taylor, Colonel Scott; VA; Battles engaged in, was at the Siege of York; Residence of solider at enlishment: Enl. in Buckingham Co., VA;


December 21,, 1807 – Bedford County Marriage Bonds: JOHN JOHNSON, JR to MARY ANN (POLLY) CARTER. Surety is JOHN CARTER


The Application for John Carter’s Revolutionary War Pension:

Pension Application of John Carter: S39285

Transcribed and annotated by C. Leon Harris, State of Virginia}

Bedford County Sct}

On the 26th day of April 1830 Personally appeared before the Court of Bedford County (the same being a Court of record) JOHN CARTER resident in the said County aged 72 years who being first duly sworn according to Law doth on his oath make the following declaration in order to obtain the provision made by the acts of Congress of the 18th March 1818 and the 1st of May 1820.

That he he the said John Carter enlisted for the term of two years some time in the year 1779 (the precise time he cannot now recollect) in the County of Buckingham in the State of Virginia in the Company Commanded by Captain Talers [?] in the Regiment Commanded by Col. [Charles] Scott in the line of the State of Virginia on the Continental Establishment, that he continued to serve in the said Corps till the close of the Revolutionary War, he having been marched from the County of Buckingham to the Town of Williamsburg in the said State where the Corps to which he belonged was divided a part of them were sent to the north and the other part remained to guard the Sea Board.

That he was engaged in a skirmish with the British at or near the Borough of Norfolk in the said State & several other skirmishes with the enemy at Guins [sic: Gwynn] Island

That his officers were so frequently changed after he left Williamsburg that he cannot now recollect them. & that he continued to serve as a soldier on the Continental Establishment until the close of the war, when he was honorably discharged from the service at Yorktown in the State of Virginia after the Capture of Cornwallice [sic: Cornwallis, 19 Oct 1781]

That he has lost or mislaid his discharge so that he cannot now find it. That he does not know of any person now living by whom he could prove his services except Williamson Burnett who served with him at the Seige of York and his sister PRISCILLA BURNETT who saw him when he enlisted.

That he hereby relinquishes every claim whatever to a pension except the present.

That his name is not on the Roll of any State except Virginia and that the reason of his not making earlier application for a pension is that he did not know of the existence of the law granting pensions to the indigent soldiers of the revolution until a few months past.

That his occupation is that of a farmer but from the diseases incident to old age and from the fracture of his thigh by a fall from a house he is now unable to follow his occupation for support.

That he has living with him a wife aged about 62 years and a single daughter aged about 28 years.

That he was a resident Citizen of the County of Bedford in the State of Virginia on the 18th day of March 1818 and that he has not since that time by gift sale or in any wise disposed of his property since that time in order to bring himself within the provisions of the Act of Congress aforesaid.

That he needs the assistance of his country for support and in pursuance of the act of the 1st May 1820.

I do solemnly swear that I  was a resident Citizen of the United States on the 18th day of March 1818. that I have not since that time by Gift Sale or in any manner disposed of my property or any part thereof with intent thereby so to diminish it as to bring myself within the provisions of the act of Congress entitled “An act to provide for certain persons engaged in the Land & Naval service of the United States in the Revolutionary War” passed on the 18th day of March 1818 and I have not nor has any person in trust for me any property or securities contracts or debts due to me nor have I any income other than what is contained in the Schedule hereto annexed and by me subscribed to wit. one Sow & Eight Pigs worth about $6  a Cow and Yearling worth $10.

That since the 18th day of March 1818 the following changes have taken place in my property viz Property owned in 1818 & not now owned by him (One negro woman & her child)

Names of the persons to whom disposed of (Thomas Phelps); Time of Sale (in the year of 1823); Amount of money or description of property rec’d in return (Sold to discharge a debt of $200 to Sam’l Claytor, $300 to Basil Baker & other small debts & Thos Phelps $50) /s/ JOHN CARTER

June 12, 1830 Callway Mills, Frankling County, VA

Sir, Before I left Washington you letter of May 15th 1830 was received. The account given by JOHN CARTER of the disposition of his negroes was stated to be unsatisfactory, to the department and at the same time I was infoormed if I was acquainted with the parties in this transaction and could give such statement in writing as would remove the difficulty – the c____ of CARTER would be allowed –  I have delayed answering this letter ___ I could get every information necessary on this subject – believing that I should answer with the circumspection of a Witness in a court of justice – It is true that a deed of trust wwas executed by CARTER to secure the debt he owed Clayton & Co which deede was recorded and has been examined by me and from my knowledge of the parties – I am satisfied was ___ – To pay this debt to Clayton and show that the property was sold to Phelps, but Phelps not being able to pay & the property being ___ to sale under the court deed – Lawson Carter the son of JOHN CARTER took the property off his hands & paid the debts – and exhibited to me without a moment’s hesitation , on being requested to do so proof that he had paid Clayton $ Co – I have no doubt that Lawson Carter has fairly bought and honestly paid for this property – and that he could establishe to the satisfaction of the court of justice if it was indispensible for him to do – Lawson Carter lives within three miles of me – and he resided many years in my neighborhood – He has acted as overseer for several of my neighbours – is a prudent man that has got along by industry and by the fruits of his labour – purchased the slaves above refered to – I have a good reason to believe that he has been a most dutiful son – and it has for several years acted in the support of his aged parents who lieve in the adjoining county of Bedford – & are in most impecunious? circumstances – I have thus answered your letter after having satisfied myself  of __ the party – I will ad that I have reason to believe that iin addition to Clayton’s debt – Lawson Carter in further consideration of the slaves paid other debts to the full value of the said slaves – Old MR CARTER wished that you would direct your answer to me – at Callways Mills, Franklin Co. Virginia. With great respect I am Sir yr obt. Servant. Nath H. Claiborne.

From pension application:

His claim was allowed.

Remarks: Had a wife aged 52 years and a single daughter age 28 years in 1830 and a son Lawson. Very respectfully, Dr Blance M. Haines, Three Rivers, Mich., Commissioner. (Information contained in letter of February 20, 1906

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George Goodloe (1637-1710), Middlesex County, Virginia

The location of Middlesex County, Virginia in Virginia's Tidewater Region


The following page is for George Goodloe:

Pioneer of Middlesex County, Virginia:



GEORGE GOODLOE. Son of THOMAS GOODLOE & ELIZABETH (UNKNOWN), born 1637 in Aspull, Wigan, Lancashire, England; christened 26 Apr 1637 in Aspull, Wigan Parish, Lancashire, England.


GEORGE GOODLOE arrives in Lancaster County, Virginia. (recorded in Lancaster County Deed Book #1 of 1656) Paul Miller Goodloe II, Goodloe Genealogy (Baltimore, Maryland: Gateway Press, 1982).


Entered America in Middlesex County, Virginia on May 28, 1674 [WHB - Conflicts with 1655 entry]


GEORGE GOODLOE, 113 Acres Middlesex Co., adj Mr. Francis Weeks; Seager’s land, his own, and patent of Abraham Weeks (now Mr. Young’s land; 28 Oct 1702, page 499). Trans. of 3 persons; Thomas Chapman, Sarah Palmer, Edward Griffing. [Cavaliers and Pioneers]


In 1704 on the Quit Rent roll Frances Weeks is listed having 225 acres, widdow Weeks had 225 aceres both in Middlesex Co., VA. GEORGE GOODLOE (only one Goodloe listed) had 50 acres. William Montague had 500 acres, Marvill Moseley had 225 acres, Esq Wormley estate had 5200 acres, John Robinson 1500 acres all in Middlesex Co., VA


GEORGE GOODLOE died 7 Dec 1710 in Middlesex County,VA; buried 12 Dec 1710 in Middlesex County, VA.


[Will of George Goodloe, 1710, Middlesex Co., Va,]

In the name of God Amen I GEORGE GOODLOE of Middlesex County Senior being Sick and weak of body but of Sound and perfect Sense and Memory thankes be to Almighty God do make and Ordaine this my last will and Testament in Manner & form following (vizt.)

Impr. I resigne my Soul unto the hand of Almighty — who gave it in hopes of a Joyfull resurrection in and through the meritts of my Ever blessed Saviour Jesus Christ my body I recomend to ye Earth to be decently buryed in Christian buriale at ye discretion of my Executrix here in after Named and as to what wordly estate both reall and personall that it hath pleased Almighty God of his infinite Mercy to bestow upon me I give bequeath and dispose there of in Manner and forme following (that is to Say)

Item I lend all my estate both reale and personall unto my dear wife MARY GOODLOE for and during her Natureall life and after ye decease of my Said Dear wife I give and bequeath all my said estate to my three Children Henry Goodloe MARY CARTER and Anne Cranke to be Equally divided among them Share and Share alike to them and their respective heires forever

Item I give and bequeath unto my Grandchild John Crank a patent for Sixty Acres of Land my plantation whereon I now live being part thererof to have and to hold the Same to him and his heires forever according to patent

Item I Give and bequeath unto my Grandchild George Carter two Cows to be paid him out of my Sd. estate after the decease of my Said dear wife

Lastly I nominate Constitute and Appoint my Said Dear wife MARY GOODLOE whole and Sole Executrix of this my last will and Testament hereby revoaking Annulling & makeing Voyd all other wills and bequests by me at any time before made doe publish and declareth this to be my last will and Testament

In witness whereof I have hereunto Set my hand & Seale this 7th day of December Anno Dom 1710

Signed Sealed published & Signum declared in the presence GEORGE (X) GOODLOE (Seal) of us. John Owen 1710; Signum John (H) Hand; Signum Hanah (H) Owen

At a Court held for Midd’x County the 2d day of January Anno Dom 1710
This will this day proved in Court by the Oath of John Owen one of the witnesses to it which is hereby certified Test Wil Stanard ClCou
At a Court held for Midd’x County the 8th day of Febry

This will this day proved in Court by the Oath of John Hand and Hanah Owen & Admitted to record Test Wil Stanard ClCou Truly recorded Test R Hickinson DClCou




1703-1709 Middlesex Co Va Deed Book 3; Antient Press: (Page 210)
Virginia SS THE DEPOSITION of GEORGE GOODLOE aged Seventy years or thereabout being examined and sworn saith That he very well knew and was acquainted with Capt John Haselwood and that he married Frances the Daughter of Francis Cole deced by whom he had his Son George Haselwood which George married ANNE the Daughter of Richard Robinson deced by whom he had three children of which the only one now living (to wit) Anne now married to William Stanard in Virginia and this deponent further saith that ye said Anne Stanard is the only daughter and surviveing child of the said George Haselwood who was the oldest son and heir of the said Capt. John Haselwood formerly of London Mariner and this Deponent further saith that ye said John Haselwoods last Wife was the Widdow of John Carter Esqr, deced and further this deponent saith not
Sworn in Court held for Middx. County the 3d day of October 1709 and admitted to record

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